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Guest blog by the old lady in the blue scarf standing behind Mary Tyler Moore

Updated on March 14, 2013

What kind of a hooligan throws her hat in the air?

Wait until I tell Mildred about this!

Here I am, little Marge O'Hara, out and about on the town. All by myself. On my way to my weekly bridge game at Mildred's house, in my lucky blue scarf. My son Henry usually drives me, but this time I told him not to. I am a liberated woman, I told Henry, and I am going to get there myself.

It's too bad that right now I'm not quite sure where I am. Well, I'm sure I'll find my way eventually.

I feel so brave and free! No wonder those young ladies are always going on about that liberation movement. Why, I might even go vote next time one of those elections comes up.

Wait a minute. Oh my! What is that hooligan over there doing? Throwing her hat in the air? Oh no. Why? Why is she doing that?

I bet she's one of those hippies I'm always hearing about. Why, I bet she smokes cigarettes! And drinks liquor! And I bet she's not wearing a bra!

Maybe it's a signal. Yes, I'll bet it's a signal to the rest of her hooligan friends. Any second now a swarm of hippies will come out from every door and window and attack us all. Disgusting, icky hippies that aren't wearing bras.

Is that? Can that be Patty Hearst? Or one of those Manson women? Evil. Those evil hippies are the only ones who would be so care free, throwing their hats to kingdom come as the rest of us God-fearing folk carry on about their day, going to earn a decent living or play a nice, wholesome game of bridge.

I bet she drops it and then it gets all dirty. That would certainly serve her right, that hippie.

Now. Where in the blue blazes is Mildred's house?


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