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A Guide to David Baldacci's Crime and Thriller Novels

Updated on July 23, 2014

About David Baldacci

David Baldacci is a bestselling American writer of crime and thriller novels. His books have sold over 110 million copies, making him one of the bestselling writers in the world. His books have been translated into all major languages. He has written a number of books featuring the same characters, as well as a number of standalone novels. He's most well known for his frenetic pace and 'impossible to put down' qualities, and one of his novels, 'Absolute Power' has been made into a blockbuster film starring Clint Eastwood.

Camel Club

David Baldacci wrote 'The Camel Club' in 2005, the first in a series of books featuring the enigmatic Oliver Stone, a secretive man with apparently no past, along with assorted other conspiracy theorists, Together they formed 'The Camel Club', a secretive society to watch over the government. In the first book, they accidentally witness a murder, which draws them into a deadly web of intrigue.

The other books so far in the Camel Club series are:

The Camel Club (2005)
The Collectors (2006)
Stone Cold (2007)
Divine Justice (2008)
Hell's Corner (2010)

There is also two books featuring Caleb Shaw, one of the other members of the Camel Club:

The Whole Truth (2008)
Deliver us From Evil (2010)

These books are compelling and page turning, full of exciting twists and turns to keep even the most loyal reader on his or her toes. In some ways, David Baldacci could be said to be like Dan Brown or similar so if you have tried these then you might like these books.

Sean King and Michelle Maxwell

In 2003, Baldacci wrote 'Split Second', the first book featuring ex-Secret Service private detectives Sean King and Michelle Maxwell. When they both get fired from the Secret Service for similar 'mistakes', they decide to investigate and stumble on something very big, and very dangerous. After the first book, they start their own private detective agency. The books so far in the series are:

Split Second (2003)
Hour Game (2004)
Simple Genius (2007)
First Family (2009)
The Sixth Man (2011)

Again these novels are very gripping and on the edge of your seat action.

Standalone Novels

Before he started writing his series novels, Baldacci had achieved international bestseller status with a string of gripping standalone thrillers, starting with his first novel 'Absolute Power'. While all possess that can't stop, page turning quality, they are surprisingly varied and never plagued by the deja vu feeling you get with some authors as you read another 'almost the same' plot. His standalone thriller novels so far are:

Absolute Power (1996)
Total Control (1996)
The Winner (1997)
The Simple Truth (1998)
Saving Faith (1999)
Last Man Standing (2001)
True Blue (2009)

He has also written several non-thriller, 'feel-good' type books:

Wish You Well (2000)
The Christmas Train (2002)
One Summer (2011)

More Information

For more information, visit David Baldacci's site where there is a lot more information including details on all of the novels

David Baldacci is a reasonably prolific writer and continues to write great novels enjoyed the world around.

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