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Guide to The Edge of Spider-verse comics

Updated on November 16, 2014

The beginning of Spider-verse

My Superior Spider-man #32 Skottie Young variant
My Superior Spider-man #32 Skottie Young variant

What is Spider-verse?

Spider-verse is an ongoing event brought to us by Marvel comics. It centers around everyone's favorite wall crawler and the various incarnations of him through the multi-verse. Without giving to much a way It's story about a group of villains who are jumping from world to world killing the versions of Spider-man who live there. Some of the Spiders are familiar and some are brand new but we've been promised we'll see them all by the end of this.

So far it's been a really interesting run. A lot of exciting changes and best of all more Superior Spider-man.

What's Happening Here?

On this page you are going find 3 things.

The first is a layout of which books are included in this event. At this point that means Amazing Spider-man, Spider-man 2099, Superior Spider-man and Spider-woman along with the Edge of Spider-verse and Spider-verse series. The will be in reading order.

The Next is a very short synopsis of the book with as little spoilers as possible. What makes it good, what makes it bad and what are the greater implications.

Lastly I'm going to include links to where you can purchase these books on Amazon. Some of these may still be available in stores. If so I'll mark as such. The Amazon links will also be to actual online stores. Not some shady Steve with cheeto fingers trying to make a buck.

Edge of Spider-verse Checklist

Edge of Spider-verse checklist
Edge of Spider-verse checklist

Superior Spider-man #32

Superior Spider-Man #32 Comic Book
Superior Spider-Man #32 Comic Book

The beginning of the Spider-verse event


It Begins with Superior Spider-man

After the events of Superior Spider-man #31 we were all pretty sure we'd be done with Otto Octavius for a while. Luckily we were wrong.

Otto (as Peter Parker) starts us off with a prequel to Spider-verse. Somewhere around Issue of #19 of Superior Spider-man Otto got into some time travel shenanigans and we never found out what happened to him during that time. Now we know. He was displaced to the future of Spider-man 2099 and after scavenging some future tech he thought he had built himself a way home.

What happened instead was that he was sent to multiple different timelines and quickly found that where ever he landed there was a dead Spider-man. Some of these like the House of M Spider-man will be recognizable. Eventually Otto does find a living Spider-man and manages to save him. Whatever is killing these Spider-men, Otto decides there are strength in numbers.

This issue introduces to a lot of the key players in the Spider-verse event including a mysterious villain and Assassin Spider-man who seems fine with killing.

Edge of Spider-verse #1 Spider-man Noir

Spider-man Noir

Now we are onto the Edge of Spider-verse comic books. Starting with Edge of Spider-verse #1. This one is all about Spider-man Noir. He's Spider-man from the late 1930s who's a lot less upbeat than the modern day Spider-man. To me he's always seemed like a "what if Batman was Spider-man?". That might just be part of is popularity or maybe it's because of his inclusion in the video games over the last few years.

This issue is about a bit of a stand off between Spider-man Noir and a 1930s version of Mysterio. I won't spoil the details but in the end Otto shows up in his world and just in time too.

Edge of Spider-verse #2 Gwen Stacy


Edge of Spider-verse #2 is arguably the best of the 5 issues. It's also likely to be the one with the most impact. It's the origin story of Gwen Stacy in a universe where she was bit by a radioactive spider instead of Peter Parker. It also introduces us to a new Spider-man called Spider-Uk who is a member of the Captain Britain corps. He becomes more important as the story goes on.

This issue is probably my favorite. It's such a fun lighthearted read and the artwork is fantastic. It's very colorful and I mean that in a good way. I really hope we see a lot more of Gwen Stacy's Spider-woman in the future.

Superior Spider-man #33

Back to Otto

Next issue in line is Superior Spider-man #33. This one starts with Otto and a number of other Spider-men setting a trap for the mysterious villain. It fails but in the process we are given the name of our bad guy (Karn) and we get to meet some of his siblings. As the story goes on we learn more about Karn and how he ties in with another one of Peter Parker's rogues.

The best part of this is the fights. Watching a Cyborg,a Monkey and a Six Armed Spider-man all fighting together was pretty cool.

Eventually Otto starts to see that he's not like most of the other Spider-man and with his massive ego he sees himself as the one outstanding Spider-man. As if he's the one who will make all the difference. O Otto never change.

Edge of Spider-verse #3 Aaron Aikman

Aaron Aikman Spider-man

This is probably the biggest oddball of the Edge of Spider-verse stories. Aaron Aikman is a scientist who using a technology and Spider DNA to become Spider-man. I know this sounds like Tony Stark but its more like Megaman. The whole thing has a sort of retro Japanese feel to it.

Aaron's story about a villain who's similar to the Green Goblin is interesting. You find out quickly it's a pretty complicated and right when you start to pick it up the Spider-verse stuff kicks in. I'd like Marvel to do more with this character in the future because there already seems to be so much to work with. There's obviously a lot of thought put into this one.

Edge of Spider-verse #4 I walked with a spider

The Horror Comic

Most fans have mixed opinions on Edge of Spider-verse #4. It's written like a horror comic which frankly aren't as popular as they used to be. In this version of reality a young teen called Patton Parnel is bitten by a spider. Patton couldn't be more different than the Peter Parker we are used to. He lives with his abusive Uncle Ted and spies on the girls next door while she changes. He even seems to enjoy torturing small animals. He might just be the anit-Peter.

I don't want to ruin the story but the Spider bite changes Patton and not for the better. As a horror comic it's alright and the ending will probably make you squirm in you seat as you read it.

Amazing Spider-man #7

Amazing Spider-man #7 EOSV
Amazing Spider-man #7 EOSV

Team Up with Ms. Marvel


Team Ups and Spider-Brit

Amazing Spider-man #7 comes next. Which is funny because you'd think Spider-man would be first in line for a Spider based event. Anyhow this book is almost a two in one deal. The first half is a a team-up issue with Spider-man and the new Ms. Marvel. It has nothing to do with Spider-verse (as far as we know) but the two characters are entertaining together. We also get some sweet moments with Peter and Anna Maria.

The second half of this book is all about Spider-UK. A member of the Captain Britain Corps who is also the Spider-man of his world. Spider-Brit as I call him is becoming my favorite character to come out of this event so far. From what we can tell he's watching what is happening from the Captain Britain Corps and is worried. This leads him to start his own dimension hopping adventure and start recruiting a team.

Edge of Spider-verse #5

Edge of Spider-Verse #5
Edge of Spider-Verse #5

5 of 5 - May Still be available in stores


SP//dr and Japanese Stuff

Edge of Spider-verse #5 might just be the most anticipated book from this series. The cover itself was preview months before we even had a frame of reference for it. I'll admit it's pretty cool.

The book revolves around a little girl who pilots a sort of mech suit via psychic link up with a genetically engineered spider. Think Pacific Rim meets Spider-man and that's what you get here. It's an awesome story that sounds like it's straight out of a Japanese anime and in fact there is plenty of references for anime fans. (Akira, Ghost in the Shell).

The ending was pretty cool too. I think they picked the weirdest Spider-man to introduce at the last moment but somehow it works.

Spider-man 2099 #5

The Future is Now-ish

I've never really gotten into Spider-man 2099 but since it's a part of this event I picked it up. It's a bit confusing at first. It covers 3 different Spider-man 2099 who all look identical. There seems to be some link between them because when one dies the others seem to feel it. This isn't something we've seen before with the other Spider-men being killed. This might be important or it might just be coincidence. The other thing we see is that apparently Miguel O'hara living in the present is something that happens in multiple realities. Again could be nothing.

Part of me says you could probably skip this issue because it feel like the slapped the Edge of Spider-verse banner on it so they could sell books but their might just be something crucial happening here. I guess we'll have to wait and see.

Amazing Spider-man #8

Amazing Spider-man #8 EOSV
Amazing Spider-man #8 EOSV

ASM #8 Really like this cover.


Ending with a Bang

Like Amazing Spider-man #7 this book is split into two stories. Peter Parker (616) hasn't been pulled into the events of Spider-verse just yet. His half of the book is the conclusion to the Ms Marvel team up story that started in the last issue. It's lighthearted, it's fun it all that Spidey goodness but that's not what we wanted. We'll still have to wait for ASM #9 to kick off the event.

The second half of this book is a throw back to a character some younger fans might not even remember. In it we get to see what happened to Mayday Parker (Spider-girl) and how her family deals with the arrival of another of Morlun's family. It's heart wrenching and that's you need to know. Go read it.

Amazing Spider-man #8 In stores now and online

Amazing Spider-man #8 will be available on October 22nd 2014
Amazing Spider-man #8 will be available on October 22nd 2014

Start of Spider-verse: Amazing Spider-man #9

Amazing Spider-man #9 will be released on November 5th 2014
Amazing Spider-man #9 will be released on November 5th 2014

Get Ready for Spider-verse

That takes us to the end of the Edge of Spider-verse. All the comic books shared above are in proper reading order. I'd suggest reading them all because they all bring a little insight into what is happening but at the very least read Superior Spider-man #32 and #33. So far those are the ones that are 100% Spider-verse. Next priority would be the Edge of Spider-verse books #1-#5.

I'll update this page as issue #8 of Amazing Spider-man comes out and will cover the rest of the event on a new page. The link to that will be found here as well. I hope you've found this to be helpful and I ask that you leave comment below to let me know what you think of this event so far.


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