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Guilt of the Brothers

Updated on May 28, 2017

In the classroom and out there on the ballfield,

no better teammate ever to be found was he,

My old buddy Larry was a good friend of mine,

and he was always just as humble as could be.

He was down to earth, his soul of much worth,

always was there for his brothers and for me.

He gave it his all, even though he was so small,

and others heaviest loads he often to set free.

Once at a ball game, as I chose to sit all alone,

Showed his big heart, within himself, he did own,

Told me that dad was sitting over there as well,

and encouraged me to join him, if only a spell.

Both of us worked so hard at our jobs nearby,

on seeing me, he'd give a shout out, a big grin.

Always looking out for his pals whoever it was,

and willing to pitch in, by all's definition, a friend.

We graduated from our high school very soon,

Then went to junior college for about one year.

As the time wore on, all our thoughts did roam,

Suddenly that draft bill was so soon to appear.

Doing well in school, following the golden rule,

all my time was occupied, was none to spare.

Larry then dropped out, was just moving about,

When Vietnam and Uncle Sam called him there.

Near the end of a quarter in my college school,

as I rode that bus each day forty miles one way.

A good friend shared some news so sad to hear,

Our old friend Larry had perished that very day.

Shocked and dismayed, our friend's name stayed,

In our thoughts, happy memories, all were played.

Larry was a good boy, the old pastor did always say,

Guilt, we were not there for him, remains to this day.

Rest in peace my friend. We all miss you.
Rest in peace my friend. We all miss you.


all rights reserved and under copoyright laws 2017



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    • Gypsy Rose Lee profile image

      Gypsy Rose Lee 9 months ago from Riga, Latvia

      Most sad and poignant poetic tale. Nicely penned.