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Guilty of Nothing

Updated on June 3, 2010

Cover of Guilty of Nothing

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Guilty of Nothing by Kevin King

If you like a short story, Guilty of Nothing provides the reader with all the suspense of a classic mystery novel.

Bill Eck is accused of a crime he did not commit. The evidence is compelling. With enough loopholes in the case to run a racehorse through, it seems as though any logical juror or judge would need more evidence to convict anyone in this position.

A serial killer who strikes at the site of a racehorse track has every citizen on edge. Bill Eck has the uncanny ability to bet on winning horses. Unfortunately, this garners him more than a few enemies. When an anonymous call is made to the police, officers find Bill Eck unconscious at the racetrack along with murder evidence clutched in his hand. When he wakes up, unable to recollect the series of events that landed him in jail, the police and the citizens of the town think it's an open-and-shut case. With a tough judge, will justice be done?

King is the author of the historical fiction novel, Corruption (Vantage Press , 1993). He has appeared in television interviews and been mentioned in The New York Times. King was honored by his former high school and has given numerous speeches in his hometown of Springfield, Illinois.

King has several poems published in his career. His poem, "Our Promise" was published by the National Library of Poetry and "Rainbows in the Sun" was published by the International Library of Poetry.

King has received a five star review from the Midwest Book Review of Wisconsin.

The book can be purchased for $8.95. The book is being sold on and through the publisher, Vantage Press.

If you like a book that you cannot put down, Guilty of Nothing is just the book for you.


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