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Gweny's Button Box: A Bland Dull Tale That Happens to Have a Magical Box

Updated on August 7, 2020

Gwendy’s Button Box by Richard Chizmar

A long time ago, Amazon had a big sale on their books. And like always, I try to get the best deals. So I got a bunch of books. One of the books I got as a short novel called Gwendy’s Button Box. The concept sounded strange but had potential. So I thought I would give it a try. So here is my review of Gwendy’s Button Box by Richard Chizmar

So what is it about? The tale begins with twelve year old Gwendy on her run. She had been killing herself exercising because her school makes fun of her weight. On her run, she meets a man dressed in black sitting on a park bench. They have a discussion and he gives her a strange oak box. Inside are chocolates that help her lose weight, but it is also covered with many buttons. Buttons that could destroys parts of the world. She is to keep it safe until he comes back for it. And she does keep it safe, and the story chronicles her life into her early twenties as she keeps the box safe.

The good? It’s an interesting premise. The setup allows a lot of room for suspense. Also Gwendy is a very relatable character.

The bad? This story is not much to be honest. The tale follow Gwendy’s life which is very mundane. Sure, the box brings good fortune to the protector, but there is little in the way of supernatural or fantasy elements in the story. It’s just about a plain girl growing up with a strange box in her closet. It’s not very exciting at all. And the fact that this story is told and not shown at any point does make it difficult to enjoy the novel. Also when the end is reached, found myself asking, "What was the point?" It seems everything may have fell a similar way even if she didn’t have the box. There is no arc or three act structure. I really did feel this book was a waste of time. Also this supposed to be the beginning of a trilogy as well. I personally don’t see how this is possible. Little happens here and the book has no loose ends whatsoever. It really does baffle me, how this non story can continue on. And there is one last complaint. Stephen King wrote an introduction. But Richard Chizmar wrote the story. Sure, it does feel like fan fiction at times by taking place in Castle Rock and all, but Richard deserves the credit here That’s why it’s so unfortunate the name Stephen King is slapped on the book in bigger text than the actual author, because Richard should get the credit here. Most people who read this book may be fooled into believing King is the author.

Overall, it’s a well written and has interesting concept, but I felt it was a waste of time. The story really had no point. But thankfully this is 175 page book and it’s a brief time waster, so its not a slog of a read. It was not completely boring. Just dull. It’s not terrible, but its pointless of tale I cannot encourage anyone to read it. There are way too many better things to read instead of this. But if you get a free copy or if stumble across it, feel free to check it out. It’s not the worst thing either.

2 smoothies out of Five

Overall Rating: A Bland Dull Tale That Happens to Have a Magical Box

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