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Updated on April 26, 2011


1. Listen and live God’s words

   And wonder,

   Peace and joy come to my heart,

2. God will make a way

    Open my heart

    I simply live in you.

3. How great is our God

    Mighty to save

    Lord I give you my heart

4. We are the reason

    Amazing love

    Jesus shed his holy blood.

5. Here I am to worship

    In Christ alone,

    It is well with my soul

6. Love you so much

   You are Holy

   You are my all in all.

7. All to Jesus I surrender

    With everything,

    Pour power of your love.

8. Blessed be your name

    Mercy me,

    Open the eyes of my heart.

9. This is our loving

     At the cross,

     Jesus died for us

10. You died for this world

      Powerful love,

      No love bigger than your.

11. Many people died

      Left everything,

      Where their soul would go?

12. This is what I lived

      Amazing graces,

      Power of your love.

13. You are the Holy One

      Beautiful One,

      God is everything I should want.

14. Remember we are dust

      God bring to Life,

     To dust we will return.

15. Here is my life

      With God’s love

      Help me to live your way.

16. Jesus invited us to follow Him

      Let deny ourselves,

      And carry our own cross to follow Him.


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    • profile image

      Joseph T 3 years ago

      Thanks Lizbeth. God bless you

    • profile image

      Lizbeth g 4 years ago

      Love god

    • profile image

      Joseph T 4 years ago

      Thanks Liann for your beautiful comment

    • profile image

      Joseph T 4 years ago

      Thanks Liann for your beautiful comment

      Joseph T

    • profile image

      Liann 4 years ago

      love it

    • profile image

      EyesOfFaith 7 years ago

      A beautiful and awsome poem