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HAPPINESS Continued Chapters 5 to 7

Updated on December 1, 2011
Dancing @ the top of the hotel in Atlanta, GA
Dancing @ the top of the hotel in Atlanta, GA

Chapter 5 Dancing on Top of The World

"You look beautiful in white and crystals,"Chaz said as he spun her around watching the chiffon dress twirl there amidst the luxury of the lobby's interior.Then, impulsively, he pulled her to him for a long awaited kiss.

Gale was surprised and delighted.Her eyes were shining with such happiness.He was glad that he had made reservations for dinner, or they would go to his suite... now.

As Chaz steadied himself, they moved toward the elevator."Have you seen the Atlanta skyline from the revolving restaurant?" "No, I date very little. Guys don't like it when you don't drink much, definitely do not smoke,and refuse casual sex," Gale replied with laughter in her voice.(and have to care for a five year old son and work fulltime too,she thought to herself)

The view was breath-taking as the elevator door slid open on the 28th floor.They were seated at the white linen covered table;the dinner silver and crystal glassware sparkled as much as their eyes when they looked at each other.

The music started playing."Come on, let's dance", Chaz said as he wanted her back in his arms

.As he encircled Gale close to his heart, then held her ever tighter,the music from "Time in a Bottle" floated through the air. As the fragrance from their colognes added to the intoxicating moments of their first dance,they were lost in time.

Chapter 6 - Infatuation

An upbeat music tempo brought Chaz and Gale back to reality.
The band had played a couple of slow songs,
but when the fast music started,
Gale and Chaz walked hand in hand
to the table and ordered dinner.They both realized that they had not eaten all day, and now they were hungry.
Chaz was ready for a salad, steak,
and baked potato. Gale chose a salad, grilled salmon, and asparagus.
While they waited for their food to be served,
they drank a delicious Italian wine and
caught up on the last ten years.
Gale had not planned to open up to Chaz
but she found herself doing just that.
She confided how disappointed she was
when her parents had no money for her to
attend the University of Alabama,
even though she graduated with honors.She reminded Chaz of their first night together when he was only fourteen and won her a huge elephant,the mascot for the University."I have that elephant still, even though I was not able to use it in a dorm room. I decided to attend Howard College, which was close to home during the day. I studied in the library in the afternoon, and worked at night at a local radio station.I fell in love with the DJ
who also worked at WYDE radio at night.
Within a week after we made love at his bachelor apartment,
he was transferred to New York to
work at WNBC radio. To him, I was just a "one night stand". I know now I was just infatuated with him, but then I  thought I was in love.
I had his son nine months later, but
he never believed that little Charlie was his,
and we completely lost touch over the years.
When Charlie was about one, I left Birmingham, moved in with my favorite aunt in Decatur, Georgia,
went to work for Georgia Power in the billing department,
and here I am."
Chaz listened attentively as he held Gale's hand
across the table.
To look at Gale, he would have never believed that
she had gone through so much disappointment.
Tonight her eyes sparkled with the joy of life.

"You named your son Charlie?" Chaz asked in wonder."Yea, best ballplayer I ever saw was named Charles and I thought it was a great name. It means "free man" you know," Gale replied with a smile on her face.

Chapter 7

The waiters served their dinner as
the revolving restaurant moved slowly to
capture Atlanta's skyline.
The lights from the building's windows twinkled in the darkness of night.
Chaz wanted to tell Gale he was married,
but he wondered if this perfect evening was
the right time?
He did not want to take away the magic
of their very first date in ten years.
They both ate with a hearty appetite, and
the waiter kept their wine glasses filled.
After eating the delicious food, Chaz
wanted to dance again.
This time, he kissed the right side
of Gale's face, and would have kissed her on
the mouth, but she kept reminding him of the
other people on the dance floor.
Gale was trembling inside, and she wanted to be
with Chaz, but the affair with her son's dad
had taught her casual sex for her.
How was she going to handle these intense feelings
that Chaz brought to the surface?
As the music played on, Chaz asked her to come to his suite,
but she simply could not,
even though her entire body
ached for his touch.
"I promised Aunt Duchess that I would be home by midnight,
so I really must leave",
Gale whispered as they walked slowly to the elevator.
The band was playing "Some Enchanted Evening"
as their almost perfect evening came to a close.
Chaz slipped his arm around Gale's small waist.
He wanted to take her to his room, but pressed
the "lobby" button instead.
In the seclusion of the darkened elevator,
Chaz wanted their deep kisses to make up for ten years.
Gale realized that Chaz had stolen her heart as
the spark of love went to her soul.

Chaz decided to tell Gale the truth about his marriage..but not tonight.

He wanted this fantasy to last a while much longer he could not say.He loved how he felt seeing his reflection shine in her eyes,and he would not spoil their evening.His thoughts were on how much he wanted to take Gale to his suite and make love the rest of the night, but he escorted her through the lobby into the cool night air and kissed her once again with a mind altering embrace

.He did not want to let her go, but the cabbie hollered,"Are you going or what?"

Gale climbed into the bright yellow cab,talking all the while,"I had a wonderful time... the dinner was delicious, dancing was delightful are handsome, so thoughtful...thank you, thank you". She looked back at Chaz's form fading into the night, but she waved anyway, hoping he would see.

 Two hours later, Chaz realized that he could not sleep,so he quickly dressed in something comfortable for traveling,
packed his suitcase and
called for his red Chevy to be brought around front. He headed out I-75 north to Tennessee dreading the day with Janice, listening to her incessant whining.

They were seated for dinner, but Chaz wanted to dance, to have her back in his arms.
They were seated for dinner, but Chaz wanted to dance, to have her back in his arms.


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