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HATE IS A HORRIBLE WORD - Learning to Forgive

Updated on January 4, 2012
Keep the hate away from children
Keep the hate away from children

A New Year and a New Attitude.....


Not very nice words, are they? Well I am sure quite a few of us have said something close to this sometime in our lifetime. If you haven't then you may have thought it on occasion. Maybe when you were younger and upset at a sibling. Or many years later when a romantic relationship went badly or you were involved in a very messy divorce. Maybe a friend completely backstabbed you or a business partner sold company secrets or went behind your back. Anyway, you get the picture! I can go on and on with many different scenarios....

The point is that it is a new year and it is time to put all of that behind us! I was fortunate when I was a child because I was raised by a very spiritual and giving grandmother who taught me the most important things in life. She taught me the biggest word of all...COMPASSION. She told me many times about how she would get so mad at someone who disappointed her and she wanted to SCREAM. Now understand that my grandmother was a very gentle lady from the South and I do not think I ever heard her raise her voice EVER! Even many years after her death I can still remember her soft and lovely voice leaving me a message on my voice machine many years ago. She had those sparkly baby blue eyes that were as deep as the ocean and as eternal as an angel. The best gift she ever gave me was that she taught me how to "forgive." I am so thankful for this very precious gift!

The Definition of HATE...

1. to dislike intensely or passionately; feel extreme aversion for or extreme hostility toward; detest: to hate the enemy; to hate bigotry.

2. to be unwilling; dislike: I hate to do it.

3. to feel intense dislike, or extreme aversion or hostility.

The innocent suffer
The innocent suffer

As you can see above...HATE is not very nice!

I think the biggest lesson I ever learned was to "forgive." What people do not understand is that HATE is like a disease. If people express HATE all the time, others around them will express HATE too. This in turn causes some people a lot of pain and for "what?!!!" Children are the innocent victims of HATE. If it is around them all the time they have no choice but to HATE too.....

It is a New Year and I'm hoping by writing this article that I can really make you think. Or atleast help you try to forgive "whoever or whatever" to make the HATE go as far away from you as possible! What some people do not realize is hatred can also make people physically ill by letting the hatred effect them. It is in all the little things you do or the actions you take. Try to turn it around and you will see that your life will truly get better!

How To Forgive...

The best way I have found is to think about the person who has done something bad to me. I think about "why" they may have done what they did. I feel compassion for them because I know that one day or at some awful moment, someone really hurt them badly.

Sort of like when a child gets bullied at school and they eventually act out to someone else. When an adult does something that is truly horrible, I pretend in my mind that they are a child and I think about "how they may have been treated as a child or in their early years." Most of the people that have really done horrible things to me have had very abusive parents who HATED lots of things. Lots of them had parents and family members with serious addiction issues that they had to deal with for many years. Some very nice people had been taken advantage of for many years by "vampires" or "opportunists" who prey on the innocent and then they turn around and HATE others. They have no choice! They have to put the anger somewhere..

There is a way to "forgive" without putting yourself back in a horrible situation. Just look at the facts from a distance and then open your heart and forgive so you can move on. I know that this is not easy sometimes but consider the fact that anyone who does something truly "cruel" pays for it in some way down the line. It may not happen now but if they don't change their ways, it will eventually catch up with them. It always does...This is a very sad thing....

Let that thought sink in for a moment......and FORGIVE them....


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    • GPAGE profile image

      GPAGE 5 years ago from California

      HEY THERE Bat115! So nice to see you here! Thank you so much for your kind and supportive words....I have not been able to take part in the hp community much now because my career is in full motion....BUT always time to check in with my virtual friends here! Keep in touch!!.....hope all is well with you......G

    • bat115 profile image

      Tim 5 years ago from Los Angeles, CA

      GPAGE, It is so nice to return to hubpages and see you are still here making peoples lives better with your words.

      If only everyone on this planet could follow this hub, We would have world peace!

    • GPAGE profile image

      GPAGE 6 years ago from California

      pseudo.....thanks for stopping in. I appreciate you leaving a comment. Best, GPAGE

    • pseudo-scripto14 profile image

      pseudo-scripto14 6 years ago from Philippines

      Forgiving is easier said than done. But you're right that it's about time to release all those angst within. Bearing grudge or resentment won't do us any good.I'm saying that through experienced and I got sick harboring that illwill. But now I'm free from that bondage and I just take it on stride because it will bring into the utopia of tranquility. Thanks for reminding anew! Great hubs!

    • GPAGE profile image

      GPAGE 6 years ago from California

      missolive....Thank you so much for being here...Always nice to see new faces on hubpages! You are right, when a person finally "forgives" they experience a sense of freedom and this is a very good thing. I only wish this for many people who hold "grudges" for a very long time....all it does is hurt the person who holds onto the anger....Thank you for your comment.....Best, GPAGE

    • missolive profile image

      Marisa Hammond Olivares 6 years ago from Texas

      very nice sentiments here. Forgiveness is an interesting act and feeling - isn't it? Sometimes we know we should forget, but our feelings get in the way. However, to finally be able to forgive is certainly a newfound freedom for the one that has finally allowed themselves to forgive.

      Nice hub - thank you for sharing

      voted up and across