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HEAVEN KNOWS - A Short Story (Exercise)

Updated on February 4, 2014

Hitting the gymnasium in Heaven:

Things are looking up, but it is not only the gals who exercise in Heaven.
Things are looking up, but it is not only the gals who exercise in Heaven. | Source

Any pun in the sun means a run just for fun:

So often the new arrivals from Earth enter the Pearly Gates with the misconception that their Heavenly reward is to be an eternal life of ease and pleasure with no personal effort on their part.

"After all, I worked hard to get here and this is supposed to be my reward."

How often that justification for their expected "eternal ease" seems to be silently voiced here by newcomers.

Now admittedly there are those few who come from military regimens on Earth and whose last act was selfless love and sacrifice for a comrade. They are accustomed to being awakened at 0550 hours each morning for a cadenced jog of two miles, followed by 50 pushups, all designed to hone their bodies to superior condition.

For them the maintaining of their perfected bodies here in Heaven is no surprise at all.

After all, striving for perfection is what got them here in the first place, and their stay here just logically requires nothing less than that same striving.

Back on Earth there were some of Heavenly Father's children who appreciated the fact that upkeep of their bodies was no less important than upkeep on their vehicles whether they were their own feet, or a wagon, horse, car, plane, or interstellar travel pod.

Here in Heaven the earthly image of effortless flying with an awarded set of wings would have ignored what efforts birds on Earth expend in all their daily flights. Besides, back on Earth everyone knew the saying that "If men were meant to fly, God would have given them wings."

With all eternity to get to where we are going here, the joy is in the journey. Something, by the way, which Heavenly Father's children were meant to learn before they reached this stage of existence.

There is no need for clocks here, but there is need for orderly participation in the continued perfecting of the self, and that includes maintaining a perfect body. After all, that is one gift you cannot just rewrap and give to someone else as if it is coming from you.

In keeping with the precious gift of free agency, however, each arrival is assured that they can choose how to maintain their own body, as well as productively using their mind, and nurturing their soul.

As far as the body is concerned, there are periodic "Meets" in which the objective is not to boast of coming in first, or of out performing another competitor, but simply maintaining or improving on each participant's personal best.

Consequently, we find that after an initial adjustment to this concept of voluntary exercise, there comes a realization that staying in perfect shape is just a universal value we all share in.

How often was it repeated on Earth that we were to love God with all our heart, mind, and soul? Loving God is a love we all share here, for His is the power and the glory forever. Keeping our perfect hearts perfect is just that simple, and it requires no less effort here than it once did on Earth. Here it is just clearer as to why we need to do so.

In keeping with this standard, I often ask new arrivals whether or not they are prepared to sit on a cloud and play a harp throughout eternity. The universal answer has been: "if that is what Heaven is, I want a third choice!"


© 2014 Demas W. Jasper All rights reserved.

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    • Gypsy Rose Lee profile image

      Gypsy Rose Lee 3 years ago from Riga, Latvia

      No problem. After all it is interesting to consider that we get to exercise up above. I could just imagine soccer matches among the clouds and my favorite one which a friend of mine kept saying. When it got dark and there was a flash of light and then the inevitable boom he said someone had a strike. I said a strike? He said yeah, they're bowling up above.