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With the Mind of Christ (Poem)

Updated on March 21, 2015

Soar in Christ

My heart is the throne of my Father’s delight

On the wings of eagles my heart soars in flight,

I am lifted up high above every care

Revelation of who God is makes me aware,

That with the mind of Christ I can conquer the world!

But, with my own mind, how I sway and I swirl,

Oh! That my mind would grasp the truth my heart knows

To be still when storms arise and when the wind blows,

Knowing that in me is sown the incorruptible seed

Making this distinction Is freedom indeed,

With a heart like Christ I can love without restraint

The desire is gone to murmur a single complaint,

Those idle words which are contrary to

The Word of God that is absolutely true,

My heart is His candle and His Spirit is the light

Which breathes on His Word and grants me inner sight,

Mind! Rise up now from all poverty! And,

See how you can be In harmony with me,

In my settled spirit,that is the Father’s domain

Where the Word of His Power shall forever reign!


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