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Updated on October 15, 2016

As once again today on my journey I embark,
As every milestone, the distance to my new destination mark,
On a sunny day, beneath the pleasant tree shadow,
On a broad bus, running on a path narrow,

As many new things, in my sight fall and rise,
Dear memories of my home, makes tears swell up in my eyes,
The home where my family lives, the people I hold most dear,
The home where I live, a place where from nothing I have to fear,

The place where every time i go I am greeted with pleasant smile,
The place where messed up hair and wrinkles pyjamas never run out of style,
The place where mom wakes up with the falling of the morning dew,
Caressing my sleeping face, relives all of the moments from which I grew,

While now on the road to future I travel,
Even amongst hundreds of people, the love of home I ravel,
While travelling to fulfill my wishes, on the dream's way,
Who knew going home would become a dream someday....


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