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How to Inspire Change and Development in Societies

Updated on April 10, 2019
Eugenejunior98 profile image

Israel is a medical student at MUHIMBILI UNIVERSITY OF HEALTHY AND ALLIED SCIENCE in Tanzania interested progressive healthy study.

As you grow old, you don’t only witness physical change but also changes in the needs of life. A change from asking for a toy, to actually striving in ways that could you earn you enough money to own your own car. You will also notice a change in dependence rate from your parents, instead of you depending on them you become independent and later they(parents) might be dependent on you to. Independence is then ushered to you as you grow.

v A wise man once said "nothing is constant in the universe, even the physical constants that were taught in class, are also known to be variables on the change of different factors, this shows that change is an inevitable process"

v “To be free from material poverty man must first be free of his psychological poverty”

v Our education systems, have been helpful over the past years, but limiting in the sense that they don’t prepare us to meet the changes that are current in a world full of economical competition. Practicality of the African education is still minimum and this has obscured the bright minds of African generation from change, Education has simply crippled the unique creativity of the African cream minds. Our today students only focus on grasping what has already been prepared by the past bright minds and fail to develop and nature their creative ideas into the birth of development in various sectors such as health, business, technology and research

v “Adaptability is a man’s strongest weapon in his own arsenal, to strive one must embrace change at all cost with perseverance and same exact enthusiasm

v It’s the reality that, few understand and have yet done anything about it and this has been the major cause of the dependence in employment, and lack of creativity leading to the still gap that has always been between the developed nations and the developing nations. For the development of our societies the youth have to be given the right channels and knowledge leave away the academics but knowledge that will help man to be industrious in coping with the global economic challenges.

v As they say "the richest place in the globe is neither the gold mines nor the oilfields but the graveyards where the most industrious dreams and careers were buried due to the lack of knowledge on how to nature and develop them into success. Hence youth should strive not to be the victims of ignorance but develop ways to push through financial break through and raise not only their personal economy but also the nations and the globe economy at whole"

v What to do? Change has to be ushered to youth so as to free their mind from thinking inside the box into developing their ideas out of the box. Remind them that has academics are important for economic development but they are not all there ever is to economic development. Youth should strive to be more innovative, industrious and passionate of their true abilities. Learning how invest both their energy and time to cultivate their own success, free themselves from the comfort zone.

v What are the excuses and obstacles, parents may both be an excuse and an obstacle towards the development of youth when it comes to the choices they recommend for their children, hence change should also be induced to parents and free them from their primitive ideology of dominating the entire choices of their successive generation. A better way for parents to deal with the future of their children is to learn how to have a curious support to the creativity developed by their children. Most of us have been witnesses to the ideas such as, “I want to be a doctor just because my father said so or I want to be an engineer just because my uncle is an engineer to” such ideologies might prove to work, but they do have a big limitation in the future as the globe is depleted of its creative minds. Parents have a role to play in supporting the youth develop in a right channel.

“Dream, if it does not scare you, it won’t change you”

© 2019 Israel Eugen


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    • Eugenejunior98 profile imageAUTHOR

      Israel Eugen 

      12 months ago from Dar es salaam ,Tanzania

      necessity is the mother of all invention, observe the changes in the necessities you have as you grow and invest time to make up for the invention


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