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How to Write One Book in One Month

Updated on September 1, 2018
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I'm a fiction and fanfiction writer who obsessed with Harry Potter and a boy's love story.

To be frank, writing is not an easy task.

I have been writing a novel since I was in sixth grade but I cannot say that it was successful at that time. I mostly write fanfiction; however, writing a story, in general, to the end is similarly difficult and require a lot of time and patience.

Why do I know?

Because I just finished my first book last summer after having tons of unfinished project in my Google drive and I believe it is not just me.

Since everyone has the writing tool, a laptop, and a place where he/she can post his/her story freely such as Wattpad, I've seen many and many people step into this writing world whether they are my friend or people I know on social media. However, one thing I notice a lot is that they do not last long and quit way too early after writing only 1-2 chapter(s), but, you know what, that happened to me as well.

However, I have overcome that situation and want to share you guys how.

Side note: I write my book in Thai because it is my native language, but this article is about writing in general, so you can apply it.


Firstly, create your plot

First things first, please write down a detailed plot before even attempting starting an introduction.

In the past, I have never ever had a plot planned out. I only had an overall concept of what I want to happen because I just want to start writing so bad. Ultimately, I was running out of a new idea to keep the story going. It was like you know how you want the story to end but cannot work your way up there.

How to write a plot, you may ask.

1. Create Characters

This step is crucial because characters are those who run the story. If traits of characters are not consistent throughout the story, your story will lack integration. Then, your story will not make sense

The easiest way to create characters consists of two elements, the appearance and the characters' characteristics, their past or their relationship with the others. The first one is for when you want to use the character's distinct feature instead of using the pronouns. The second one will lead to creating the plot as a whole because it determines how the characters will act in each circumstance.


Dylan -- Brown eyes, Black hair, adventurous but careful.

This is just a very short example. You can add whatever you want and how much detail you want.

2. Think about what you want your story to convey

This is the easiest part because it is the thing you have in your head already, otherwise, you will not grab some papers or open new document. It is only a few sentences and you have to think of it as a purpose of your story or what you want your reader to focus on.


The story is about a man whose wife just passed away but the new girl in the neighbourhood made his heartbeat skip. Can he really start again? Is it too fast?

3. Write a detailed plot

Finally, Here we are! Now, you have a whole idea of how your story will look like but writing a book which has hundreds of pages require a carefully written plot.

In the past, I did this part by writing around 4-5 pages of what will happen but the more effective way is to specifically address what will happen. This way you know how many chapters you are going to write and what they consist of.

However, planing each chapter requires a bit of experience. When I start using this method, I found it somewhat hard to estimate how many pages or words in each chapter according to the plan, so, sometimes, the chapter is too short or too long. So, be careful about that.


Secondly, set the deadline for your book

This is a bit tricky. It depends on how fast you can write, how many words there are in a book and how much time you are willing to sit down in front of the computer's screen.

For me, as the title of this article suggests, my deadline is set exactly one month after I started writing. The reason behind that is I want to write a chapter a day and the number of a chapter are thirty. However, you can set your deadline whatever you want but keep in mind that it has to be realistic. You cannot write 10 chapters in a day, right?

Here is a trick to force you to adhere to the deadline:

You can enter some competitions whether they are formal such as the one held by a publisher or informal such as competitions on online writing websites. Competition due date will force you to write and submit on time.

It is even better if you can find a friend to do the competition with you because writing can get really lonely which leads to feeling uninspired and unfinished work.


Thirdly, consistency is the key

After you set your deadline, you know how much time you have to complete a book and what pace you have to write. Then, you will make a promise to yourself that you are going to write a chapter a day/week and YOU HAVE TO KEEP THAT PROMISE.

I know some days are going to be harder than others but do not break the promise. Some may say if you cannot write today, try again tomorrow. I do not believe that because the first 5-10 minutes are the hardest. When you are in the flow, your brain will automatically generate words and that how you can finish a book. You need to get this new habit of writing

Tips I use:

I set a very specific time to write such as finishing a chapter on 3-6 pm every day. Then, when it is 3 pm, make yourself comfortable in your chair and start the first word.

However, it is very okay to write more than you had planned. Sometimes, you will feel so passionate and into your story. Do not let that go. It is the time you can write longer and better. I once wrote 3 chapters in one day and the quality of those chapters is amazing. Unfortunately, some people may rarely experience that.

Everyone can write a book.
Everyone can write a book. | Source

Additional Tips

  • Do not rewrite/review while writing. You will get stuck and find yourself cannot continue.
  • Coffee is your best mate.
  • Write the things you really want to. If vampires really fascinate you, write the story about vampires. Easy as that.
  • Finish a book before posting it on any website, otherwise, your focus will be on the number such as views and comments. Moreover, some writers cannot continue writing when their story is not successful on the sites.
  • Think about how your chapter/story is going to end and keep that in mind all the time

© 2018 Gunta Serikijcharoen

Tell me what you find most difficult in writing novel.

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    • Shanna L Jarman profile image

      Shanna L Jarman 

      21 months ago from Raleigh

      Wonderful tips. I will take them all to heart. I love writing. Happy writing everyone!

    • KoffeeKlatch Gals profile image

      Susan Hazelton 

      21 months ago from Sunny Florida

      These are terrific suggestions and guidelines. My biggest problem when writing is the editing as I go along. If I could just write and go back and edit it would be wonderful. I just have to learn to stop myself.

    • Aminah9 profile image

      Aminah Rhea 

      21 months ago from Atlanta, GA

      Gunta thanks! This was really informative for me. Even though, what I am attempting is more of a biography, this truly has guiding in the direction to go with completing this goal. This would be my first book, once I complete it. When I do, I surely would like your review and feedback. Chiyo :)


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