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H.O.W. Did We Get This Low?

Updated on December 9, 2012

I feel her hands in that Nursing home for the elderly in Greensburg Pennsylvania. I see the nurse filling the papers for "something" that is going to happen to this old lady that was a wonderful teacher in the early 70's. Now her family has gotten rid of her cottage and her furniture. Hubby passed away three years before to lung cancer.

I feel her pain and her loneliness. I see her weary eyes and her shaking hands trying to drink water, and finally falls on the floor. Nothing, nobody hears her weak voice. Her last breath is heard, and like in a perfect time shows up the nurse with other colleagues. "Yeah, another one that is gone..!"

The cold reality that is just felt by me... who cannot say anything yet! I felt for that old woman that was on this earth to help her peers and never thought to end this way. I see staff contacting a funeral home, so they can get hold of the family and do business as usual. I see the pharmaceutical broker stopping by to check for the latest sedative that is making them richer by the minute and by the last breath of a life. I see doctors dating nurses and not telling their wives, not yet. Why is this happening, all at once?


The Van and Its Cargo

I see a van in a gas station near the New Jersey turnpike exit 13-A in Elizabeth. Five chicks step out from a Highlander Nissan with New York License plates and get transferred to another van with license plates from Ohio.

Are they college girls on a trip? I hear their voices and I catch some words in Ukrainian and Czech. They are wearing heavy make up, miniskirts and tight jeans. what's going on, I ask myself?

They are the "new hires" for a night club in Midtown Cleveland. Why is this happening? The customers needs are insatiable, and new girls are needed to work in those bars, and perhaps leading to prostitution behind doors. How did they get here? All I know and "sense" is modeling work and student's Visa.

How come it was so easy? Well drugs are in demand, and sex sells anywhere. The law was made to keep the poor at bay and the rich untouchable. I see these chicks faking smiles and getting drunk knowing that their parents in Kiev and Prague are "thinking" they are making it in America.

The drivers look so disgusting; some are just mercenary looking. How come no one sees this? People pump gas, others get cigarettes and beer, but not a single soul care for what's happening in our Country. Why I didn't say nothing? I was there and could not do nothing until later. The van left heading west doing "business" as usual.

What is at the other end of the tunnel?
What is at the other end of the tunnel? | Source

"Bye Daddy, be safe please..!"

A girl 16, in Reno Nevada just logged off from skype. Her dad was already in Afghanistan, and could not get home until next June. Meanwhile boyfriend, 20 introduced her to cheap prescription drugs and that wild sex.

"I was so lonely and girls wanted to kiss my ass! And you just came into my life"

"I did what I could Jen. My parents got divorced too, and I raised myself on the streets"

"Why do you want me to sell my body then Timothy?"

"Look! I did so much for you, and your dad is on his 6th tour to freakin' Iraq..!"

"I said Afghanistan, and don't mess with my dad. He would've kicked your trashy ass by know!"

"Well, since your mommy has cancer and you want to save her life, I suggested a quick way to get cash, you know Jen..?"

"You know what Timothy? I knew you were not godsend and.. I'm tired of your lies. I decided to end our relationship now!"

"You think so? Look? Your mom is coming to us..." (pointing behind her)


This guy knocks down Jennifer and takes her away. We never hear from her anymore, but why did he do it? Not a single crime is perfect, unless you are that demon that is roaming this earth. He was found guilty and is on death row.

H.O.W. did we get this low? Many lives taken and many future generations that are behind bars for stupid reasons. What can we do to change this world?

Sacramento's Dirty Little Secret...


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