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HOwling at the dark moon Chapter Two : (Deadlocked)

Updated on October 14, 2010

You can read book one under NEMESIS with the chapters numbered from one to 12

Howling at the moon : BOOK TWO

Deadlocked :  Achelois’s beauty Locked Behind what can’t be mended

Yami looked hard at the face that stood just a couple of feet away. It was huge the features were masked and all what she and Michael could smell was something wet like a dog a rabid one. Michael’s instincts kicked in “Bad ,Super bad!” In the following second he had Yami by the hand out of the room, trying to make the distance between them and the beast big as much as possible.

The beast’s snarl filled in the room. Its roar shook the room so hard that it made Michael as well as Yami stop to a halt. Beneath the broken breaths Yami could feel the distress the being was going through. With gazing eyes both watched the beast unfold its true nature. With every second they saw its bones unfurl, crack, and rearrange themselves. The fangs pulled back and Yami could see the beautiful creature that lay on the floor. She gazed thoroughly at his blue eyes granite pure skin and his red hair, covered with sweat he looked like a distressed angel, regardless to the snarl that echoed in the room after his transformation back to human was complete.

On the floor, just a couple of feet away, lay the beast in human form, too weak to move a muscle they both felt bad for a while. Michael for the first time whipped the Protective look off his face and put on his skeptical one.

“What in the name of Adonis is going on here!” Takashi’s words echoes so forceful that it made Yami’s head jerk in attention. She didn’t even hear his footsteps down the stairs. “~So damn Takashi. Sneaky bastard~ she told herself. “ I—Umm-oh” those were the first words to come out of her mouth. ~Stupid! Umm ? was that the only thing you could say?? UMM??~ she told herself.

Takashi’s authoritarian voice cut through her thoughts “ Umm ohh? Is that all? Michael what the hell is going on? And God what is that smell??”

Takashi didn’t lift his eyes of the little body that was napping on the floor snoring so hard that it caused ripples of air to move throughout the room. “Uh, I don’t know”, Yami said while taking another inspective look at the man form on the floor. “Well I had a dream and well the next thing I found was being squashed on the floor by that big bulk of fur.”

“I see and you are telling me this was just part of your dream princess? “ Takashi gave her the LOOK, which usually meant things are not okay by TTS’s majesty (THE TEAKASHI STANDARDS ).

“Now what are we gonna do with that thing” Michael cut through the tremendous massive silence.

“Well as for a starters, there is no we “Takashi gave him the high eyebrow look, I need my sleep. We will have to wait for him to wake up and see what really happened. And you, Takashi said pointing at Yami “Please do me a favor and stop bring strays to my home. Okay? We already are tumbling in our own pile of shit okay? It is for our own benefit” Takashi left the room easily like a feather being swept on the floor not even making contact with it,  just like he came in. ~TERRIFIC~!

~Amazing! So now I am the Mayor of Weirdo Town . Just what I was hoping for.~ Yami confided to herself secretly without even taking another glance at Michael who stood there watching carefully the creature on the floor who seemed to enjoy the floor though it was wet with his sweat . He at least was enjoying a good nap. Yami watched the droplets of sweat on his skin glitter and his chest rise up and down as he breathed effortlessly. ~ GOOD NIGHT . Hoping to see you in the morning~

At four am the house was awake fully alive as a matter of fact. “I am Achelois named after the Goddess who was known for driving the pain away in ancient Greece. “

~ He is a dude with a girl’s name? how sick is that?~ Yami told her inner self. Michael on the other hand was bolder. “But you are a man with a female’s name”

~”Talking about stating the obvious~, Yami smile to that thought.

“It is not like that. Dante and I were one for a long year. He planned to be a part of my life. But the Fae interfered ,had a call about our relationship and said it was forbidden. Karma the second queen in command saw that Dante marrying a human was a sin. No King Fae was supposed to marry and love a soulless, powerless, mere human “LOW LIFE”. No Fae will reject his people and merge with a mud blood like me. But when Dante decided to give up the thrown,  thus , the Fae society was thrown into chaos. Adriana the queen and his step mother found it degrading and ordered a prize on my head. She said I was a blood sucking leech and had to be put down like a rabid dog. Several months later while I was heading home walking I was attacked by some bounty hunter and was dragged by my hair to the Fae kingdom. Adriana made it sure that Dante giving up the thrown will be the reason for my end. And she was right. I was sent as a slave for the Fae’s underlining and turned to be the werewolves’ little precious toy.”

The gasp filled the air. It was so dense that Yami had to divert her attention and look at the window below the sun was up. ~Good grief !

“The werewolves had a little dark Fae working with them, a mage that cursed me and Dante on one full moon and had me stuck in this form .I mean as a werewolf at night and barely a human at day. Yes that is why I am stuck in a male’s body at night. It is way beyond my power”

 Yami looked at Achelois, a loved one stuck in the form of a guy in the night and as a werewolf can it go any worse.

Suddenly her attention to her inner self was cut by Achelois’s screams “No please! Let me be I can’t take this anymore!” Achelois’s body jerked up and down like how someone would beat up a punching bag. Up to the sky went the moans and then the body lay restless on the floor. Achelois was finally backed to her human form.

“This keeps getting better” Takashi was looking restless at the young Achelois. “Damn it” this is way too much for a little kid to take on her own, Takashi while taking another look at the face that laid on the floor restless due to pain and asleep “Michael take her up to the upper floor and give her a room so she can rest.

Michael looked shocked but kept his thoughts to himself. While trying to lift the body that laid soulless, his hand passed over her red long hair all way through her. “WHAT the -??!!!!” 


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