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Ha Ha Ha, WOW!

Updated on October 14, 2009

The Very Beginning...

 So, I've decided to write a blog because I'm pretty sick of people not really paying attention to me.

I study English Literature at my sixth form and I thoroughly enjoy it. I would like to be appreciated as much as people like William Shakespeare and Dylan Thomas, my two favorite writers. However, there is much more going on ion my life at the moment for me to be thinking about bloody literature. Here is my story...

That frosty morning, I peeled my eyelids apart and pulled myself to the bathroom. Once I had returned, I sat on the blue, wobbly computer chair and arched my back and neck and sat gormlessly in clammy trance. The shrill of my Mum's irritating screeching poumded my eardrum and i rolled off the chair and began my daily ritual of dressing myself and pasting my make up over my face. I turned on the radio and a crusty voiced, awfully confident man asked, 'what do you call a boomerang which doesn't come back? A stick!' A tiny smile came to my face, I knew this day would be so predictable.


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      :) 5 years ago

      this is rubbish