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Hagar the Horrible

Updated on August 31, 2011

Hagar the Horrible is a comic strip that was created by an American cartoonist called Dik Browne, since his death in 1989 it has been written by his son Chris Browne. Hagar the Horrible first appeared in February 1973 and is currently featured in over 1900 newspapers in 58 countries throughout the world.

Hagar the Horrible is a sparsely drawn depiction of Viking life featuring the eponymous Hagar, his wife Helga and other members of his longship crew.

Hagar the Horrible

Hagar the Viking is a scruffy and overweight Danish Viking. His appearance makes him look like a mixture between a caveman and primitive viking but his round girth and red beard makes him look more friendly than scary.

Hagar spends a lot of his time in his longship or with his longship crew invading England or France although in keeping with the feel of the comic strip this is very low key raiding and pillaging He also spends a lot of his time enjoying suspiciously looking 20th century home-comforts. Underneath the rough exterior Hagar is a loving husband, a devoted father and family man, and a reluctant taxpayer.

Hagars family comprises Helga his overbearing, combative, occasionally jealous and nagging wife. Hamlet his brilliant and sensitive son andHoni his pretty and bimbo-like daughter. Other minor family members include Helga's pet duck Kvack and Hagar's loyal and clever dog Snert.


Helga is Hagars large, bosomy and over-bearing wife. She is often arguing with Hägar over his unhealthy habits such as forgetting to wash his hands or not wiping his feet before entering. She also trys to teach her old-fashioned family values to her daughter Honi, though Honi never really gets it. She looks like an archetypal Wagnerian Viking woman.


Hamlet is Hagar and Helga's studious and clever son. He is introspective and serious and has no interest in the normal Viking way of life and is often seen with his head in a book or doing something else "un-Viking-like". He is constantly pursued by the local tomboy, Hernia.


Honi is Hagar and Helga's naïve and good-natured daughter who despite her sweet and beautiful good looks is actually an accomplished Viking warrior although not the sharpest tool in the shed.

However despite this Hagar still constantly tries to marry her off much to her chagrin and Helga is constantly trying to teach her traditional wifely duties.

She is romantically linked to Lute the lute player.


Kvack is Helga's German duck, she is also Helga's spy who keeps an eye on Hagar and dobs on him if he does something he shouldn't. The reason she is called Kvack is because as a German duck she goes "kvack".


Snert is Hagar's dog. Although Snert is meant to be a hunting dog underneath he is basically lazy and rather not work at all. Snert understands everything that Hagar says to him but his inaction is usually due to his laziness and refusal to do as he is told.

Lucky Eddie

Lucky Eddie is Hagar's best friend and also his second in command on the Viking raids. Eddie is a weak and skinny character who is not too bright, but very gentle, the complete antithesis of the normal viking stereotype.


Lute is a minstrel that is completely oblivious to the fact that he can neither play the lute nor sing or rhyme properly. He seems to be the only person unaware of this fact. He is Honi's boyfriend although completely under her thumb. They are constantly on the verge of getting married but as yet this has not happened.

Dr Zook

Other Characters

Hernia is a young teenage girl who is deeply in love with Hamlet although he does not share her love.

Dr. Zook is druid-like doctor who is notoriously bad

Helga's father who is a geriatric Viking whose beard reaches his feet and has an unnatural active taste for young women.

Helga's mother is an old battleaxe who looks like a cross between a stereotypical mother-in-law and a stereotypical witch.

Mr. Giggles is the town torturer who tortures his captives by tickling them

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