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Updated on November 15, 2014

I do love a haiku.

As close as one pole

To the other--distance far

Near enough to touch

If I could kiss you

Then those demons would forget

The head they once held

The imperfection

In the table holds the truth

The wood once lived too

Don't mock me nor loathe

What I've become--I know you

Hate things I love too

Your eyes tell me things

That your heart refuses to

Spill out like your words

I write like I live

Out loud and under radar

No blips on the screen

Her old hands crumbled

Like crust on a pie of life

Help yourself; be kind

Waitress serves me love

With reality slices

Without butter or jam

Smooth lips, rough heart brings

Words of trust but tongue of lies

Cover me, August

She gave the light that

Brought life to the dead of heart

Forgot about her

Changes like the change

Of leaves on trees of despair

Green to the bluest

Once it passed from me

It overflowed over you

Drowned you in distress

While you forgot me

I recalled what was sleeping

In the sheets between

A tree without leaves

Is a woman without child

Childless bearing all

What she says does not

Go always. What she wants does

Want me to be more

He builds the houses

That destroy the villages

Magistrates can’t vote

Once there was a girl

Who wanted much more than life

Offered—she gave up

The lines in my skin

Lead up to lies in my head

Wrinkles are old sighs

Gauze and band-aids heal

The external wound dying

Scab infection bleeds


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