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Half Of Your Heart

Updated on June 7, 2013

There once was a man from far, far away.

He was tall and brave, just a little bit strong

But unfortunately for the man something was wrong

Along his path he inherited a disaster

And the darkness came faster and faster

Like a shadow over the man, he was lost in his reflection

Darkness did what darkness does, darkness he found in every direction

He lost his light and forgot the start

Soon the darkness ate half of his heart

He wondered the world and climbed in the trees

Soon he thought.. The darkness would leave

But the darkness was strong and found a place to call home

So the man searched for peace over sea, searched under stone

Years went by and the man began to grow his own sorrow

He'd never known anything to be this hollow

There once was a girl from far, far away.

She was small and sweet, with eyes brighter than the moon

Beauty her ocean, love the monsoon

But one day she tripped and soon after she fell

And rolled and rolled through the fires of hell

On the other side she inherited a kind of disaster

Slowly came the darkness

But it moved faster and faster

She fought it by day, calmed it by night

But the darkness was strong and took most of her sight

She lost her light and forgot the start

Soon the darkness ate half of her heart

But the girl was smart and devised a plan

So she grabbed a stick and drew in the sand

Every night she thought, I'll leave a sign

And soon the darkness won't have to be mine

She grabbed a lantern and lit a match

Now every night no more of her heart the darkness can snatch

There she waited and waited for someone lost in the dark to see

Just kinda just maybe, it helped her believe

One day the man saw a glimmer through the woods

He turned that way and walked through the cud

In a minute or two he beheld a sight

Outside of a cottage door, hung a Little Yellow Light

The cottage was lovely, well-kept indeed

A willow in the garden, in the soil laid seed

The man walked closer, but suddenly froze

Darkness tricked him before, and that's all he knows

He forgot the start and lost sight of what's there

How can such a little light save his soul?

It just wasn't fair

She watched from the window, careful not to make a sound

Others walked by but their faces never left the ground

She watched his eyes as he discovered the flowers

If peace could stand still she would have stared for hours

Her hand was on the handle, but she needed to be sure

The last thing she needed was more darkness through her door

What was left of her heart began to flutter

If she needed to speak she quite surely would stutter

Why isn't he coming? What's wrong with my light?

But the darkness was clever and knew its own might

The man pulled out his compass, indeed it pointed north

Maybe this wasn't darkness? So far and so forth

He reached in his sack and pulled out some seed

Walked slowly to the garden, pulled out some of the weed

Where they once were he laid some seed down

Slowly he realized he was losing his frown

But life had been rough and for this he had to be sure

Before he walked away, he started at the door

He passed by the cottage every now and then

Not knowing why, he thought it pretend

She watched him each time, a grin on her face

Slowly the darkness felt sort of out of place

They loved something, but neither knew what

But they loved it harder and harder, and sometimes a lot

They were drawn to each other, but never had met

Neither was willing to give up, just maybe not just yet

The light was his beacon, his smile was her heart

When each other was there they didn't feel so apart

And even though the darkness would never leave its place

The hollow man and cleaver girl knew one day they would be safe.


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    • rexy profile image

      rexy 4 years ago

      very nice poem

    • Danieltastic profile image

      Daniel James Hinton 4 years ago from Orlando, Florida

      It's a weird concept - accepting that somebody else is everything you're not. Completion. Walking poetry. Love... Where do we begin explaining?

    • PHILLYDREAMER profile image

      Jose Velasquez 4 years ago from Lodi, New Jersey

      Awesome story, and message. Sometimes it feels like we all live in the dark till we find someone special to share our lives with.