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Half Second of False Hope

Updated on August 21, 2016

Was it all just in my head?
Are you not the book I've read?
Believable words you've said
The atmosphere is almost dead.

Wasn't it you that I saw first?
When all those emotions burst
Decided to myself I was lured
Persuaded that the heart was lured

Myself was the one whose archaic
And your life was a bit chaotic
Entered the wrong doors and false verity
But feels like you are my clarity

One moment is cruel, the second is enchanted
I reached myself from the land I fled
It's not really love why I came
For kindness I remained tame

Just under the underhand of shame
A teenage dirtbag and just lame
But in your presence I see me
The truthful self that I can be

But feels like I trusted the wrong person
In the start, I can't tell the comparison
Keep in mind that I'm a friend
Don't be a pretender, you're just bend.

It's okay to be yourself inside
But for now I'll go with the ride
And if darkness doesn't stop at all,
Then autumn season will take control.


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