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Halfway to the Grave Review

Updated on August 29, 2012

Synopsis and Review

     Jeaniene Frosts “Halfway to The Grave” is the first of her Night Huntress series and is full of seduction, adventure and humor and is truly a magnificent book.  The story begins with Catherine Crawfield a.k.a Cat doing what she does best; hunt and kill vampires.  Yes, Cat grew up quickly and learned early on about some of the things that go bump in the night for Cat has a secret.  She is half human and half vampire.  She was conceived when her mother was raped by a vampire and to atone for her fathers sins she promised she would use her gifts and rid the world of as many vampires as she could. Her gift is mostly being a young and attractive woman that can lure vampires away from crowds to be staked in private. 

     Enter Bones, a master vampire and bounty hunter for the undead.  They meet in a bar when Cat mistakes him for your average run of the mill vampire and attempts to seduce him into lowering his guard so he could be added to her growing list of slayings. She quickly realizes she is in way over her head when he very easily turns the tables on her. Instead of killing her he offers to help train her to be faster and stronger and a deadlier weapon against the undead in exchange for helping him catch his marks.  After all, what would make better bait then a vampire with a pulse?  So they form an alliance and get to work. 

     There is a particular bad guy that Bones has been chasing for a little over a decade. He has been kidnapping young women and selling them to the highest bidder. With Cat fully trained and ready for action they start the task of tracking him down.  There are many obstacles they both must overcome to see justice done, the least of which is Cats affinity for killing first and not getting a chance to ask questions later.  Cat tries to fight her growing attraction to Bones while coming to terms with her vampire side and learning that not all vampires are evil. 

     This book is full of romance and innuendo, flirty fun and great fight sequences keep the pace perfectly. It is impossible to not completely fall in love with Bones who is funny, charming and so completely honest it is inspiring.  Cat is the perfect heroine because she is not perfect.  Her flaws define her just as much as her abilities and it creates a realness that is refreshing for the genre. The great part of this series is that even if you took out the absolutely erotic sex scenes and talk it is still an interesting and engaging story.  I would recommend this series to anyone who is a fan of vampire lore and the sexiness that comes with it. Readers should havie the rest of the books on hand so you can just jump into the next story. 

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