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Hallowed be my Sacred Tree

Updated on April 6, 2012

Hallowed be my Sacred Tree

By Tony DeLorger © 2011

Hallowed be my sacred tree,

its strength and gentle shadow me.

Its radiations steps to see,

the glory of a life can be.

The roots so deep, so vastly spread,

the earth so rich and water fed,

it stands a giant of nature’s pride,

it’s leaves like joyous hands imbibe.

The rays of light, the glorious sun,

without whose love we’d all be gone.

And we who walk the earth’s dark crust,

are shadows of that tree and such.

It stands to remind us of how life ensues,

in perfect balance and sharing view.

The glory of my hallowed tree,

my teacher, protector, my world to see.

Beneath its beauteous branches I,

my calm and understanding eye.

With wonder and inspiration filled,

my hallowed tree implores me still.

To leave her side and life to take,

each breath a pledge for peace I make.

And still the hearts of ignorant men,

who tear down forests and lives to end.

Our breath, our beauty, our hallowed trees,

the life on earth brought to its knees.

For money and greed and shallow intent,

forcing nature to retaliate, to restore and vent.

My hallowed tree, my shadow friend,

I pray that sanity will prevail and then,

appreciate the life we have,

in all its forms, the answers said.


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