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Halloween Lucy

Updated on November 18, 2019
Trooly profile image

I am in love with fictitious stories and sometimes nonfiction too. I think I love writing and composing great articles.

It was Halloween eve. At about 8:00 AM, the mysterious goddess of fear and pain had awakened. Scandrus had done finely to release his sister from the cave of dooms. Lucy is ready as a bloodthirsty beast to devour as many souls as she could.
Three days before the day of Halloween, Absolon received a visit from Scandrus, the god of danger.

Scandrus had chosen his avatar conscientiously.
Absolon was a very terrible man. He wanted authority more than anyone. He could destroy an entire planet to have that smallest piece of power added to his bank. Little does he know that Scandrus was only using him to set free, his sister Lucy from the cave of dooms with the promise to render to him, powers that consume all men.
Absolon gathered more men of his kind, started his quest to unleash Lucy, the goddess of fear and pain.
Lucy, the only sister Scandrus ever had, had appeared to her brother in the spiritual realm. She explained to her brother how the void of emptiness had increased her hunger to devour more souls and pleaded that Scandrus finds a way to set her free from the cave of dooms when the possibilities are at their highest peak. That would be the day before Halloween (Halloween eve).
Scandrus had promised to do just that for his sister. Even if it means becoming more like the cursed mortal men.

Raphael thwarted Absolon's idea. Unlike Absolon, Raphael believed the world would had been better if men like Absolon existed not.
Raphael was a very kind man. He always asked for peace in his land whenever he prayed to his creator.
One day, two days before Halloween to be explicit, the creator of all, sent to him Tanamiah, an angel of opportunities.
Tanamiah was to show him the right path in his pursuance and open him to great ideas.
He, Mawi (his wife to be) and Adams, fearless of what Absolon could do to them, or the danger that befalls them, matched as warriors would to the forest of dooms.
It had been in history that, unless one has the backing from a great being, one would only venture into the forest to become a sacrifice.
With the rod from Tanamiah, Raphael need not agonize about that. He knew what Absolon hungered for, and that was all that could make him fret. Raphael could only wish he succeeds at the cave of dooms before Absolon does.

Absolon had the feeling of being followed. He told half the number of his men to stay behind. They further split into two, each on a path that leads to the cave.

It was a very long journey, and a longer one awaits. Raphael knew Absolon would be near to the cave.
"Now will be the right time to camp. Let's build our shelter's here. We would continue tomorrow." Raphael said.
That night Raphael could not seem to fall asleep. "You should go to sleep, my love," Mawi said to her beloved. "I will join you soon, Mawi." Said Raphael to Mawi.
Adams was already fast asleep. He was Raphaels best friend and the wisest of them all. "Tanamiah, is there a quicker route to the cave?" Raphael rated it sensible to question. "That is an excellent question, Raphael. I fear that the shorter path is the most dangerous of both trails that await you. This forest is an illusion, that which seem shorter is the contrary of what it appears. Go through the second one and be faced with so many difficulties, which are quite easy to maneuver." Tanamiah said with a reverberating voice. "How do we overcome these obstacles?" Raphael sought. "All you need do is take no action rather than keep walking, keep breathing, most importantly close your eyes and make not a sound from your mouth." Said Tanamiah to Raphael, who had already fallen asleep.

The next day they approached the path. They saw some men, most likely from Absolon's team devoured by the forest. On seeing this from a distance, the exact words of Raphael were. " Absolon must have planted these men to slow us down." "If they had followed the shorter path, Absolon would be inside the cave in no time," Mawi said. "Absolon must had gone with the path that seemed shorter, else they must have all ended here," Raphael said to Mawi. "Why haven't Scandrus warned these men?" Raphael questioned Tanamiah. "So many reasons, Raphael. All immortal beings are to say nothing. Except asked, else, will become mortal. Plus, he is the god of danger and doesn't mind when something dangerous happens. I am quite sure he would like that." Tanamiah said as she flaps her bright-colored wings. "What do we do from here?" Adams asked Tanamiah. "That is a very dainty question, Adams. I am happy you asked. Make sure you; keep walking, keep breathing, close your eyes, and make no sound from your mouth. No immortal can walk this path, and so you will have to continue without me. Find a book that says Halloween Lucy and finish it. Mortals alone can do this."

With those words in mind very confidently and carefully, they walked the path closing their eyes. They did as Tanamiah said. They walked through a very odorous region but kept breathing. As they went further, it seemed like serpents were all over the floor, but they kept walking. After here, they got to a point where it seemed like an unbearable pain from an insect bite was going to end them, but made no sound from their mouth. They kept their eyes closed when they heard illusive words like; open your cries, open your mice, and so on. Not until they got the clear message from the wind "open your eyes," It was as thin amongst other sounds as an orange tree bearing just one fruit.

Carefully and slowly, Raphael and Adams opened their eyes to see Mawi no more. They knew what had happened. They screamed her name a couple of times, but it was no use. Directly in front of them was the cave of dooms. Quickly and cautiously, they approached it. "It seems Absolon isn't here yet," Adams said. "I can't believe Mawi is no more," Raphael said as he silently mourns her departure. Adams knew not what to do than pat his friend at the back. There a shelf was. The shelf comprised not less than hundreds of books. They searched for one that said Halloween Lucy but found none. Raphael felt discouraged. Adams, fairly disappointed. Raphael remembered what Tanamiah had told him earlier. He knelt, crossed his legs, and began meditating. From a distance, Adams saw Absolon, and immediately he alerted Raphael. "This is suicide," said Adams. Adams had seen how well armed Absolon and his associates were. He knew he could do nothing and decided to join Raphael in meditation.

In the realm of subconsciousness, very similar to that of oblivion, they got a clear message from Tanamiah. "Go to the center of the cave. It is directly under your feet."
As fast as they could, they went to the center of the cave, dug up about a foot of soft soil with their hands, and there it was. The book that said, Halloween Lucy. They took and dusted it, but just before they could run out. "Stop right there, hand over that book," Absolon dictated. Without a word, Raphael and Adams took out their swords and were ready to breathe their last.
There Tanamiah appeared, ready as a warrior that mercies none. With just a swing of the sword, more than half the opposing numbers were down. Now the numbers became even. It was Raphael, Adams, and Tanamiah against Absolon, Iyle, and Scandrus.

"You are no match for me, Tanamiah," Scandrus voiced like he was roaring.
With the book on Raphael's left hand, he fought against Absolon using a sword in his right hand. Adams and his renowned combat technique was all he needed to tackle Iyle. As for Tanamiah and Scandrus, they were immortals.
Adams thought of a great idea. He ran out of the cave, took the path he had initially used to find the cave. He closed his eyes, continued walking, and kept breathing. Iyle, unknown of what awaits him, ran towards Adams with his sword, ready to strike, and was devoured. When Adams heard a scream, he smiled for his plan had worked perfectly. He turned around and continued walking. "Open your eyes," the wind said. He quickly went for his friend.
"Absolon, I think it is the time for you to give up," Adams said, pointing his sword at Absolon. Filled with pride, Absolon launched an attack that ended him.

Raphael opened the book, and what he saw was nothing. As confused as he was, he said. "This makes no sense," Adams felt disappointed. "All these for nothing?" He said. Suddenly, words magically appeared on the walls of the cave. It said.
"Make a wish or not, and lucy will be set free.
Only the bookkeeper can make the wish.
One wish, wish wisely.
You have until 8:00 AM to wish."
"How painful is it that Mawi is gone forever," Scandrus said to Raphael. For the first time in a very long time, Raphael knew no action to take. "What do I wish for Tanamiah?" Raphael said. "This is something only mortals can do. I know you have a lot on your mind right now, I wish you had no worries."

What is on your mind? I can not wait to know what Raphael's wish will be.

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    • Trooly profile imageAUTHOR

      Moses Killman 

      2 weeks ago

      That's wonderful to hear Manatita.

    • manatita44 profile image


      2 weeks ago from london

      Somehow, some of your work reads like Lord of the Rings. Perhaps you were Shakespeare with a little of Prospero too. You tell your story well and with allure and enchantments


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