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Shh! Don't Look Back: A Horror Story

Updated on March 22, 2020
Syeda Sardar Fatima profile image

Lecturer:English Language Student: M.phill in English Literature Writer:Children's Literature,Short Story Writer Hobby:Book Reading, Mov

The Night won't Over.

Sally, Howard,Emmy and Craig were friends. They had a mindset to enjoy life's every moment and to stay away from the worries and tensions that can spoil the happiness of life. The four friends had been settled the house located twenty miles away from the town. They loved to play pranks on others.

"What different should we do this Halloween?" Asked Sally.

"We'll put on Santa's costumes and celebrate Christmas!" Craig replied laughing in his sleeves.Everyone laughed out loud. Sally threw a cushion towards Craig.

"Oh come on my dar...."Is anyone serious here?" Sally cut Craig and asked. "Of course darling! damn serious to sharing ideas for how to create fun." Craig taunted. Another session of laugh.

"OK fine...." Sally stood up and as she moved Craig stopped her way. "Hey..." Emmy.

"Sally come on..." Howard.

"OK! I'm fine.Wanna have some coffee would anyone else like?"

"Sure sweetheart!" Howard nodded. Emmy raised her hand. Craig passed a kiss and ogled.

Sally came down stairs and moved to the kitchen. As she was standing before the fridge searching some ingredients for the coffee, she noticed some unusual sounds from room in the kitchen. Actually it was a kitchen store. She moved to the room and tried to open it but it was locked. Meanwhile the phone bell in the kitchen rang. Sally attended the call.

"Hello! Sally here."

"Hi love!" Howard's voice.

"Yes Howard?"

"Don't forgot the brownies, dear!"

"Sure!" She answered. She cut the call. Sally opened the kitchen cabin to get the coffee mugs and the phone bell rang again. Sally attended.

"Hello, Sally here!"

"Craig here darling!" Craig's voice.

"Whachu want?"

"Actually we're gonna discuss a serious matter!" Craig's voice.

"Either you want me to discuss it on the phone or you'll wait for me to come?" Sally spoke busily holding the phone on her shoulder. "Actually they say that this house is haunted." "Oh really? "Yeah!" Craig's voice. "Trying to scare me?" "No! I'm serious!" Be careful baby!" Craig warned Sally.

"Sure Honey! Don't worry!" Sally cut the call. "So, they think i'll get scared...hah!" Sally thought with a meaningful smile. Sally was engaged again to make coffee. The bell rang for the third time. She stared the phone and attended:

"Yes please? Sally speaking!" She snapped. No one spoke.

"Hello!....hello! Who's there?" "Craig...!" "Is it you?"

She ended up the call and started beating the coffee. She was doing like she had no other task-decorated the brownies in the plate, arranged the mugs in a tray, filled the coffee, poured the milk. Meanwhile the phone rang again. Sally stared the phone while her anger was controlled. She grabbed the tray staring at the phone. By the same moment, she put the tray on the shelf and attended the call.

"What's wrong with you Craig?" "I'm done with and coming up." A shrill whispering voice spoke: "don't.... turn around!"

"Ah aha! I'm scared Craig! Please help me...!" "Fine..Don't try to play prank on me...i'll see you guys." As she just wanted to ended up, a whispering voice spoke: "don't turn around! I'll kill you." The voice gave Sally goosebumps. She was standing still and horrified. She even didn't move her head. But she got some courage and spoke:" who's there?" The call was ended. At the same moment she felt the footsteps. Sally's whole body was shivering. She was scared. She didn't move just moved her eye balls. She held the coffee tray tightly and stood still.

Soon she noticed that the footsteps stopped. She couldn't dare to turn but she wanted to run upstairs lounge to her friends. She got some courage and dared to look back. As she turned around, she saw a black creepy figure from the dark room, groaning loudly, appearing and disappearing,was flying towards her. Sally shrieked and threw the coffee tray at it. She fell down by the kitchen cabin, putting her hands on the ears, She did nothing but shrieked.

"Sally....Sally...wake up Sally!" When she opened her eyes she found her friends around her. They were worried. She was fainted. She was badly injured by the broken mugs. Sally tried to open her eyes. She was on the bed. Emmy was sitting beside her. "Sally.. wake up Sally..."tell us how did it happen?"

Half fainted, Sally tried to speak: "Don't you guys know what happened to me?" She started crying. " if no then you had batter not to know... just prepare to leave this house."

"Sally, we hurried to you when you shrieked and found you fainted and injured."How did the tray slip through your hands?"what happened to you please tell us?"

"So, you really don't know what happened to me?" "No!" Replied Emmy. "No, Sally! We don't. Sally glanced at Howard who was a bit restless and roaming in the room. "No one of us know what happened to you!" Howard spoke. Sally looked at the ceiling. Her eyes were full of tears. Her lips moved: " She's downstairs.... she'll kill all of us." "She won't let us go."

"Whom you are talking about?" Howard inquired. "The evil spirit! "This house is haunted." "What?" Emmy got scared. They heard the sound of the breaking of the utensils. They all looked at one another. Emmy started crying:" Oh my God! What's going on here?" "How we can get out of here?" She held Sally's hand tightly. Howard and Craig looked each other. They tried to make the girls calm down, "Just relax ladies! We'll go downstairs and watch." "No, i won't lechu go!" Emmy cried. "just try to understand." Howard replied while Craig searched the room for some tools for their security. "We'll be back soon." "You just stay here with Sally." Howard calmed Emmy. They both locked Sally and Emmy into the room and moved to the stairs. The ladies could hear as they stepped down. After a few minutes, the screaming sound of the guys filled Sally and Emmy with fear. "Help......!!!! Sally! Emmy....!" The boys were shouting as if they had been thrown headlong to the endless pits of the hell. The ladies inside the room were terrified but they couldn't do anything. Sally was unable to go to help the boys,nor she let Emmy go after them. Finally, the sound of the boys' screaming and yelling was over. Both the young women were shivering. "Howard!" Emmy loudly called standing before the door. "Craig!" "Emmy, please come outside and help me!" Howard's voice. Emmy tried to listen the whispering sound. "Howard!" Emmy hurried to open. "Stop Emmy! Don't open the door! who's there?" "It's Howard's voice." "He needs my help!" "No, Emmy! Please don't go outside or take me with you!" "You're badly hurt, Sally." "Don't worry!" "Lemme just help Howard!" "I'm sure Craig'll be around." "The night's gonna end soon.""we'll be safe." Emmy pressed Sally's hand and kissed her forehead. "Take care of yourself!" " I wanna leave this place with all my friends." Sally screamed. They hugged each other. "Everything will be OK!" Emmy stood up and moved to the door. She opened the half door and looked outside. She found no one there. She closed the door behind her, looked around but no one was there. " Howard!" Where're you?" She gradually moved to the stairs. " Howard!" "Emmy! I'm downstairs!" Howard's voice. Emmy moved to the stairs, stopped there and looked for Howard down in the basement. "Howard?" Emmy stepped down. "Howard?" As she was coming down, a black shadowy figure moved behind her.She immediately turned around. No one was there. She was scared. "Who's there?" She stood on the stairs. As she was looking here and there, a creepy black figure gripped her feet and pulled her down. Emmy fell down from the stairs. " Sallyyy...!" "Help!" Emmy yelled. She was pushed to a dark room next to the kitchen and her yelling got dull and finally ended. The black creepy figure a few moments later, appeared from the dark room. It appeared on the steps, in the lounge and then at the door of Sally's room. It knocked the door. "Emmy?" Sally's shivering voice. "chhhhh!"The opening sound of the door. Sally, who was laying helpless, filled with fear. The door was closed behind the shadowy figure and the shrieking sound echoed all over the house.

"Hey Guys, look this house!" "Finally! A good one to stay at night." A group of four friends were standing, & examining the terribly mysterious facade, for the night to spend.

© 2019 Fam


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