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Hand me the dunce cap and a little glitter

Updated on December 31, 2009

On top of all the other mock drama in my life over the past week or so, idiot adult kids driving in blizzards, my mom going a little ga ga, Christmas holidays, starting college , work canceling shifts and just the everyday joys of having 4 kids home from school and getting on each others nerves. I squarely put the icing on the cake all by myself . 

Last night around 2 a.m. I was up late , obsessing about making sure I was getting in all my homework for the week and writing rough drafts so I would be a little more prepared when the smell of burnt rubber started to drift through the house , it was strongest in the bathroom , hall and dining room. So I went a searching , in the midst of  my freaked out , early morning panic fest as I searched the house top to bottom  I realized the furnace wasn't kicking on . It was entering the early stages but the blower wouldn't kick on . In desperation I turned it on and off , in tears , fearing the worst until I finally shut it off out of fear I was going to burn down the house around our ears about 4 a.m . I decided there was nothing I could do till morning so I added extra blankets to everyone's beds , cranked my electric blanket to high and finally fell into an exhausted and restless sleep. 

Bounce ahead to 7 am when my son and daughter in law got up and discovered the house was around 50 degrees  and came to my room ... mind you with me functioning on about 3 hours of sleep to find out was was going on . My son decides to try the furnace again so goes down , flips the switch and it works fine. 

I still insisted on calling the repairman though, seeing how it is New Years Eve , the weather outside is about -20 at night and I have a house full of people with nowhere to go if something happened I wanted the reassurance there was really nothing wrong and we were safe . 

So furnace guy gets here starts looking over the furnace , listening to my  stunted , sleep deprived and caffeine driven description of last nights adventure, assuring me  patiently and rationally that the furnace indeed wouldn't have caught fire or blown up . 

He does state that he will check it out for me , clean it up and give me his prognosis when he comes back upstairs in say 20 to 30 minutes. 

So like a good girl I tromp back up the stairs to reheat my 15th cup of coffee .. at 10 am and wait . 

Twenty minutes later trusty repairman returns from the basement carrying my air filter . It seems with all the goings on in the past few months , l forgot to change it and it was so dirty it had restricted the air flow causing the motor to overheat and shut down. All it needed was to be shut down long enough to cool off then restarted to reset the kill switch. 

Yup ... It was all my fault ,  I had made everyone freeze their buts off all night , the problem was already resolved  , I had overreacted , called this poor guy in on New Year's Eve on an emergency call all because I forgot to change the filter . 

And now along with all the other bills I am having trouble paying because of Christmas, and work cutting back hours , I have a brand spanking new $65 bill to the furnace guy for a massive brain fart ? 

Happy new year to me ..

On the upside have you ever noticed how the pointy little New Years party hats kind of do resemble a dunce cap ... so when I don my dunce cap today ... I figure I will add a little silver tinsel and glitter and make it festive. 

I am starting to wonder if my ability to laugh at myself may be one of the few abilities left to me!


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    • burning bush profile image

      burning bush 

      8 years ago

      From the king of brain farts, I give you a big salute. Good tale.


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