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Updated on March 26, 2010

Everyone mocked her even my own mother despised her but i stood by her side, i love my wife and she is the joy of my life.

John, “i just can’t understand this, the test showed that we are both okay”
“Do not bother yourself my love”

My mother was at the house waiting for us, she came for a visit.
“Hello mama, what a surprise, why didn’t you call to let us know that you were coming”
She didn’t even replied me, she was just watching Precious from head to toe,
“Idiot” she uttered
“No mama, don’t start it again, why can’t you allow my wife be, if you are here for troubles then just go back please, leave her alone.”

The two days my mother spent with us was hell on Earth, she was a torn on our flesh, that we were married for twelve years without kids is no big deal, we have been to every specialist and everywhere test we have done showed that we are both medically sound so why must Precy suffer in the hands of my relatives especially my mother.

“I will always stand by your side my love and nothing is more important to me than you, we can adopt a baby and just go on with our lives”
“I love you so much John”

July 14th.
My birthday, now let me allow Precy to tell you the rest of the story.

I realized that the only solution to our problem was prayers, my husband was very strong and his faith gave me the courage to overlook all that was done to me especially by my mother in-law, who was previously my best friend. John repeated the story of Abraham and Sarah a million times for me, he always told me about Hanna, John was so positive about our situation.

At a time, I started feeling different, always tired and feels sleepy, have more apatite unlike me, vomiting always, there was an outbreak of Ebola Virus so out of curiosity to make sure that i had not contracted the virus, i decided to have check on myself. The result was normal but the changes in me kept increasing, i realized that i was adding some weight, the doctor advised me to have a pregnancy test, he has been known to us for years, and actually he was John’s school mate so he was familiar with our case. Asking me to undergo a pregnancy test was uncalled for but i reluctantly agreed to do it,it was on the 12th of July.
John turned 37yrs today the 14th of July so we decided to have a little bash.

Seven AM.
“Just the two us. I will take you down to the country side and we spend the whole day there he told me.”
“That is a good idea but John, i prefer that we celebrate it in Kopa kabana, the Brazilian restaurant down East”
“I feel like eating the pasta instead of a cake”
“Garnished with broccolis” he relied
We both held each other and kissed then he said.
“Your wish, always is my command”.
“Deal”? i asked
“Yes love; deal”

Eight AM.
The phone rang and i picked it.
I heard the voice, it was the doctor and he asked me to come down to the hospital at once, i became a bit nervous because i felt his commanding tone, he has never sounded this way.
“Is everything okay” i asked him
“Yes madam, just come down right away and if John is around, do come along with him.” He replied

At this point, i sensed that there was a problem, he was very serious for the first time since i have known him. I told John that i had the feelings that things were not okay, maybe they found out that i have contracted the Ebola virus. We quickly drove down to the hospital and went straight to Dr Jeff’s office, as we seated, he smiled and handed me a brown envelop.

“Open it” he said

I opened it and found a piece of paper, it was a lab test result but i could not understand what it all meant. He saw the nervousness and worries in us so he told me that the pregnancy test i did showed that i was three months pregnant. There was laughs and there was joy , we both were surprised especially me because all was normal with me for the past three months, John felt on his knees and cried to God.

"Abba Father
Abba Father.
Thank you Jesus."

I opened it and found a piece of paper, it was a lab test result

I was three months pregnant. There was laughs and there was joy , we both were surprised especially me because all was normal with me for the past three months, John felt on his knees and cried to God.
I was three months pregnant. There was laughs and there was joy , we both were surprised especially me because all was normal with me for the past three months, John felt on his knees and cried to God.

"Abba Father Abba Father. Thank you Jesus."

We decided not to let anyone know of this and the birthday was celebrated right inside Dr Jeff’s office, what else do we need, the news is sweeter than pasta or broccoli. Within the next three months, like John normally said “The mouth that cursed you, will one day bless you”. Hannah was no longer a barren woman and it was obvious that she was not even drunk while crying to God. My whole nick name Hannah, Barren cup changed to Lucky, Miracle, Blessing, and Angel.


He never fails.

I gave birth to quadruplets. They are our bundle of joy.

Mishark,Shedrack,Abadnego and Hannah.

Oh what a mighty God we serve.

John has a poem, listen.

“For those of you who doubted God,

You nicknamed Precy Hannah, Barren cup

I say thank you because without your mockery

We wouldn’t have known how powerful our God is.

For you mama, i say, God is good-all the time.

We asked for just one but he gave us four

So in every situation, always trust in the mighty name

Because he that is in us is greater than he that is in the world

Jesus never fail”.

Bundle of joy.


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    • Rossimobis profile imageAUTHOR

      Chibuzo Melvin Mobis 

      8 years ago from Nigeria

      Blessing unto you pmccray and thanks for stopping by me dis beautiful morning.

    • pmccray profile image


      8 years ago from Utah

      This was an excellent and uplifing hub


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