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Happily Ever After - of Blessing May

Updated on October 28, 2011

“And they lived happily ever after.” We often read this on fairy tale books or hear it from Disney movies. Though we only see it in Medias, many people are wishing for a life of everlasting happiness. But, is there really happily ever after?

When people are asked this question, they think it doesn’t exist because of what they observe from what’s happening around them. Couples going divorce, broken families, adulteries. There are many tragic things that are happening that lessen people’s hope for a happily ever after life. But every time they watch movies about it, they can’t help wishing again to achieve such life someday. Will they keep wishing for nothing or should they just stop from achieving it?

The bible tells us about the real purpose of Jehovah God in mankind. He created Adam and eve to live forever in a beautiful paradise called Garden of Eden. No poverty, no pain and no loneliness. He wanted their children to live there too and have an everlasting and happy life. Although Adam and Eve committed sin against Jehovah which made them lose the most precious gift, that doesn’t mean that Jehovah won’t be fulfilling His purpose. He promise He will someday and He made prophesies for that that up until now is happening. But not all people will receive that gift. Only those who love Jehovah and those who are doing His will.

Though we observe things that makes our soul sad, we shouldn’t lose our hope in achieving a happily ever after life. The true god himself promised us that He will wipe all our tears and pain will be no more. Living in such world with no pain will bring total happiness to everyone who loves Him. He will bring back the beautiful paradise, and there, we will live happily ever after.


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