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Happiness of an Expectant Mother

Updated on April 19, 2016
Your tiny heart beat resonates with mine 
Lub-dub! In every single fraction of a time
I felt the same heartbeat on that very hour
On God’s day, when I first saw your father
You are the symbol of our united faith
Of love growing sturdy, abating hate
My heart skips a beat when we bond
Just like when your father first held my hand

My anticipation has come to last
Who would you look like, if I may just ask?
Will you be reserved just like your daddy
Or like mommy, extrovert with a capital E?

Will you be blessed with long legs for running
Or hands that perfectly weave words for writing?
When you grow up, will you be a linguist
An engineer, a teacher, or maybe a scientist?

Wondering how you’ll look like became a task
Will you become a carbon of mom and dad-us? 
Or will you take after your grandmas and grandpas?
Oh! The suspense is just killing all of us!
God’s clock is now running fast and steady
A date has already been picked by destiny
Nothing can cease or set us apart
On your birthday, you shall complete my heart


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