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Happiness Continued - Ch 3 - 4

Updated on June 29, 2012

Chapter 3

Chaz called Gale during his lunch break.

She was glad to hear from him, and yes, she

could meet him at the Peachtree Hotel at 5:30 pm tomorrow evening.

He looked forward to talking with her again, and maybe more...much more.

He had thought of her often but did not even get her last name

when they met in Birmingham ten years ago.

Fate had a way of making life work out.

As soon as he had the crane broken down,

he drove to the Peachtree in downtown Atlanta.

The doorman gave him a quizzical look as he

entered the the beautiful lobby still dressed in his work clothes.

He had just enough time to go to his room

for a quick shower and shave, then go shopping for

dinner attire.

He wanted to make a lasting impression on

Gale, so he should wear a jacket for dinner,

which he did not have with him.

Within thirty minutes, he found his way to Lenox Square, men's department at Macy's.

A navy blue jacket with brass buttons would be perfect,

with a classic white shirt - to show off his tan -

and khaki slacks.

He was happy with his selections and was whistling

as he entered the hotel.

Chaz did not tell Gale that he was staying at the

Peachtree as it might scarce her away,

and he wanted the evening to go smoothly.

He had not been so excited about a date in

quite a while.

Just one thing was WRONG.

How was he going to tell her he was married?

Chapter 4

Gale always went to work at Georgia Power's home office attired in black, navy, or dark gray slacks or skirt,
with a white blouse or sweater, which was the company's dress code.
Perhaps this would change soon for even the banks
had dropped the ridiculous requirements.
Her supervisor did not like for her to have personal phone conversations, so when Chaz called to confirm their date, she kept it short.
When was the last time she had "butterflies" in her stomach?
Chaz was very nice and drop dead "gorgeous", as the young girls said...
great smile, flashing blue eyes, about six feet tall with
arms that she could envision around her...even when he was only fourteen.
Gosh! her memory slipped back ten years: he had certainly seemed older
when he was out on the baseball field with his team mates.
He was in control of his "domain" wherever that happened to be,
even now in the command seat of the huge red crane
in his hard hat or communication head set, he was the man in charge.
Even though she had tried to determine where she had known him,
it did not come to her until he called her "beautiful" and ran up to her side.
He had a wonderful soft Tennessee accent that she could hear in her mind.
He wanted to take her to dinner and dancing too!
She smiled, but was nervous inside.
Wasn't it time for her to
have some happiness after all she had been through?
How was she going to tell Chaz about her son who
was starting kindergarten in the fall?
Gale determined that she did not have to say anything about that on their first date.
Her thoughts went to something simple:
what to wear? Jeans were all the rage... and would look good with strappy
black patten high heels and a soft silk blouse over
a tank top trimmed in sparking rhinestones.
Well, maybe, but hadn't Chaz told her he would be in the lobby wearing a navy sport coat? The Peachtree Hotel was a very beautiful upscale place in downtown Atlanta.

She had a lovely white dress trimmed with crystals...and she could wear matching earrings. Yes, that would be perfect.
She had not felt this happy in such a long time.

The next morning, Gale decided to take a taxi to work as she had to to carry the clothes she was going to wear to the Peachtree Plaza.They had decided that they would meet in the lobby, which gave her plenty of time to dress there in the hotel. When she got off work at five, Gale hailed another taxi, and arrived as planned.

She dearly loved how beautiful surroundings made her feel: like a princess in a fairy tale. And this evening, would she be with her knight?

Gale was so excited anticipating being with Chaz again after ten years. She wanted to hear all about what had happened to him since that eventful night in Birmingham. She wanted him to know that she still had her elephant, that she was not able to attend the University of much to tell him.

The lovely ladies' lounge was the perfect place to dress for such an important dinner.

Promptly at six-thirty, she walked into the main lobby where she saw Chaz standing by the entrance. He looked so handsome in his navy jacket and smiled as he held his arms out to her. As she walked toward him, she thought,"I must remember to stay in the moment with this special man whom Fate had brought back into her life."


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