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Happy Birthday Prose

Updated on October 24, 2010

What is this

Okay before anyone makes a joke about this. Yes I am aware the beginning of part two could maybe be the start of a porno....  That happened purely by accident. I was trying to make it innocent and yeah. It was worse in the first daft also just to let you know. Also I know it sounds sappy and kinda cliche at parts but I do not care. I wrote it with a certain happy mindset to help a friend who was going through a certain similar situation and then got the opportunity to use it in my writing class I took in early 2010. (I love using things I thought of at other times in classes to get credit out of them. Call me lazy for doing it but it is fun to get rewarded for things I wrote for fun)

Happy Birthday

Part One Background:

It’s Giovanni’s twentieth birthday. He is set to ship off to the military in three days. He is celebrating it just with his very close friend Jane, in the basement of his parent’s house, which is in Queens, New York. Jane and Giovanni have been neighbors been next-door neighbors ever since they were born. Both Giovanni and Jill’s families have always celebrated many holidays together and even birthdays. The two were raised so closely together they have always seen each other as brother and sister. Starting in elementary school, they even called each other brother and sister leading many of their friends even into high school to believe they truly were. Thinking of each other as brother and sister they also started the to even both give gifts to each other even no matter whose birthday it was. For the past eighteen months, Jill has been dating a man named Fred. Two days ago, Fred asked Jill to marry her. She has yet to give a response or tell anyone of the proposal. Jill has been very quiet this night and Giovanni confronts her about it.

Part two

“So do you like the cake? I… um make... I mean made it myself… even the frosting its lemon frosting and the cake is strawberry your favorite and look I drew your favorite action hero in it and…”

Giovanni cut her off by placing his fingers to her lips. “Sis it looks perfect but for me to truly like it I have to blow out the candles and taste it.” He moved his hand away and from her face and pulled out his lighter, and began lighting the candles.

“Are you alright sis? You’ve been acting funny all night? Wait I got it. You’re sad that I leave soon huh?”

“Not exactly…. I mean yeah I’m sad but….” She fiddled with her hands not looking up.

“Jill,” upon Giovanni saying her name Jill looked up at him as he spoke. “Look it’s not like I’ll be gone forever. They trained me well and I’ll be safe so don’t worry.”

Giovanni finished lighting the candles, placing the cake on the ping-pong table, and turned off the basement lights. Knowing he can’t see her face she uttered out “Fred wants to marry me.”

“Wait what!?!”

“He just asked me...”

“Well what did you tell him?”

“I um…. Didn’t say…. Here’s your gift I got you.” Jill handed him a small square-shaped present wrapped in Sunday funnies.

Giovanni chuckled, then said, “You can’t distract me. So what are you going to tell him?”

Jill's eyes quickly darted around the dimly lit room. She spied something hidden behind the couch with a bow on it. “Oh is that my gift you got me.” She tried to run pass him to it but he stopped her. Jill slowly lowered herself down to sit on the couch.

“Sis tell me or I will put you in a headlock and give you a wet willy.”

Jill sat there in silence for several minutes. The birthday candles on the cake were burnt so close to the bottom wax spread over the cake. Jill then without warning leaped up from the couch and kissed Giovanni deeply.

Jill then broke the kiss to whisper, “Giovanni, I don’t love Fred…. I have always loved you.” As she said that, the candles burnt out leaving the basement in darkness.


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    • MPG1 profile image

      MPG1 7 years ago from Eugene

      They were not actually related.... just they were very very close like siblings

    • Trevor Davis profile image

      Trevor Davis 7 years ago

      ummm... what? Uhhhh... why? His sister.... man thats wrong

    • profile image

      briana Miller 7 years ago

      That was good btw that wasn't even porno like to me if it was I would of not read it it was good I liked it