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Beautiful Happy Mothers Day Poems

Updated on June 12, 2011

Happy Mothers Day

Happy Mothers Day to all of you who read this. A mother is like no other person in your life. From the day a child is born, a mother's love remains steady and true. A child can count on their mother like no other. Take a moment to think about your Mother. If she is still with you enjoy...if not keep in your heart forever.

A Mother's Love

As a baby a mother will rock you and feed you
During toddler years she will play with you and teach you

Going through school a mother will guide
Upon growing older a mother shows pride

A Mother is love and comfort and care.
When you are in trouble, she'll always be there.

If you need a hug, her arms will surround
Its a special place, I hope you have found

Treasure the time with your mother so dear
Keep her in your heart so she may always be near

A Mom will influence like no other
There is no one to take place of a Mother

Mother (Cinquain)

Loving, Sweet
Nurturing, Guiding and Caring
Supportive, Wonderful, Loyal and Forgiving

My Mom

My Mom is my support
She is strong
She is the one person I can always count on

If I am having a bad day,
I look at my Mom
And everything is better

She cares about me more than herself
She makes me want to be better
Then I think I can be

My Mom is love
She is caring and true
She is my Mom.

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