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Happy New Year's Everyone

Updated on December 6, 2011
Happy New Year's, everyone!
Hope last year was great
I hope your Valentine's was nice
And that you had a date
I hope you remembered
To wear green St. Patty's Day
And that your April Fools' jokes
Went well in every way
I hope you bought your mother
Something nice in May
And that in June your father
Loved his gift all the way
I hope your Independence Day
Had sparks and fireworks
And when school began in August
Your teachers weren't all jerks
I hope on Labor Day
You took it easy with no stress
And that on Halloween
You got voted best dressed
I hope on Thanksgiving
You stuffed your face with food
And on Christmas
You were in a bright and cheery mood
I hope this year brings happiness
Because I can't think who
I'd rather start the yea off with
Than with great friends like you.


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