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Happy Valentine's Day Poem

Updated on February 13, 2015

Day of Love

New day of love
New day of love | Source

My heart feels blue


Last nights lover's spat

Peering out my cold window to see

the rising sun blanketed in a haze of agony.

In flashes of anger words spoken last night

In the midst of misunderstanding two lovers fight.

Falling asleep angry brings morning regret

innuendos that hurt can be hard to forget.

Now an undertow of doubt

pulls me swirling about

what to do, what to say

what a stew I've got myself into today.

My Love


New days promise

Still sleeping peacefully she is beauty in repose

I chance a kiss on her face, petite check of rose.

Stirring slowly a meek smile lightens pretty face

our anger of last night has gone without a trace.

Outside the clouds break as the sun shines its ray

of hope and love to brighten our brand new day.

The weight of the boulder she's rolled from my shoulder

transforms into butterflies fluttering about as I hold her.

Happy Valentine's Day

Cupid takes his shot
Cupid takes his shot | Source

Wedding anniversary

She opens her arms to loves warm embrace

Last night's anger has left us without a trace.

Holding her close and pressed to her face

a shy gentle whisper I'm so very sorry

beaming love she looks deep into my eyes

with a soft caress she exclaims its okay, not to worry

true love always finds a way with compromise

Enveloped by loves heat she takes hold of my hand

My love this beautiful day is our wedding anniversary

touching my ring finger she spins loves wedding band

looking into each others eyes in unison way say

I love you honey ... Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Anniversary

Celebrate your love
Celebrate your love | Source

Cupids bow and human lip

Cupids Bow
Cupids Bow | Source
A kiss of love
A kiss of love | Source

Vallentine Trivia

Cupids bow is an ancient symbol of human lips. The curves and shape of the upper lip form the shape of a bow, as we can see in the photo to the right.

Cupids arrow is the sudden power and impact of the love that we feel when it strikes our heart. This can also symbolize a kiss.

Cupid is a ancient god-form to symbolize love, sex and fertility. The cupid we know is said to come from Roman times, but they may have borrowed it from a more ancient source.

So in effect, we may say that cupid shooting his arrow represents a kiss of romantic love. When cupid hits his mark and pieces the heart the two who are kissing have fallen in love.

Cupid himself may be have been employed by the ancient Romans as a mental image to visualize when praying for new love.

A heart pierced by the arrow of love

To be in love
To be in love | Source

© 2015 Randy Hirneisen


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