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Hard time dont last 4ever

Updated on June 21, 2016

When times get hard, and you’re left all alone it’s okay to be sad and want to cry.

It’s okay to let pain out. However, it is not okay to blame yourself. It is not okay to sit around and be depressed.

When times get hard look up to the sky and let the bad pass you by, let the lies fly, and let the memories be put aside. Take your time to cry, to cry the right tears.

Do not waste your strength, and do not waste your feelings on what is not in your control.

Feel the pain as it gets pushed back.

Feel the healing as you learn to deal with and get through this hard time.

Never forget never let anyone or anything make you fall.

Live your life as you were born.

Live for yourself alone.

Care, love, respect, and help, but don’t let no hard time shoot you out the sky.

When times get hard, rap your arms around yourself, say I love me, close your eyes, and just reminisces. When times get hard, call me and lets work together throw the pain, When times get hard cry on my shoulder,

And when times are at there hardest lets lay in the park look up above and day dream,

“When times was hard in the past.”

When times get hard, it’s okay to feel alone but know as a friend in always a phone call and heart length away. I will be as hard as tar for you if you promise me you'll make one wish upon one of these shinning stars…

”That when times get hard you will be even harder…”


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    • sasha wilson profile image

      sasha wilson 7 years ago from Melrose Park PA

      This is from me for a nice brova by the name raouf.... Inash'allah you feel betta soon.