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Hardcore Life

Updated on July 24, 2014

Holding Nothing Back

Every day we see the world and all it's blunders

Hidden until the worst comes out

Mistakes people have to live with

Sadness and unhappiness everywhere

Problems that never go away

They just disappear and reappear somewhere else another day

Frustration is your middle name

People love to complain

People are constantly insulted and humiliated

Lack of trust and support

The list is endless as the day is long

How can we change it ?

Are you really happy living your life this way ?

I have an idea

Why not try to make all these angry unnecessary thoughts

The ones that cause nothing but trouble and more stress

Disappear into the night when we go to bed

Now when we wake up to the morning light

Let's start fresh

Give people a helping hand when we can

Lend an ear when someone is lonely and sad

Open are hearts instead of our wallets

A smile can brighten someone's day

You never know if you don't practice

Then just maybe when we go to bed tonight

We don't have any troubles to cast into the dark

We can let out one big laugh

Soon having good dreams and making plans for a wonderful tomorrow


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