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Harold be thy Name- an Extract

Updated on January 3, 2013
'Harold be thy Name' book cover
'Harold be thy Name' book cover

Harold be they Name- an Extract

By Tony DeLorger © 2011

The following is an extract from the prologue of my novel ‘Harold be thy Name.’ The story centres on a family over a forty year period. It is a real roller coaster ride of emotions and proves that often truth is stranger than fiction. It is a cathartic work that explores the experience of growing up and dealing with many issues that today plague our society. Harold, in the book, represents the voice of reason and the means by which Josh, the lead character, sorts out his rollercoaster life. The book can be purchased on-line at the link under this article.

As inconsequential as they may have seemed at the time, certain poignant moments of vision and clarity experienced in early childhood, can often go on to shape the fabric of our being. It is not until later in life, if we are fortunate, that we begin to understand what our young inquiring minds knew from the beginning. The simplicity of truth can often pass unnoticed, completely missed.

It is often taken for granted that with adulthood, automatically comes wisdom; that need not always be so. With adulthood, comes a much more insidious affliction; that is thinking that we are wise. We think that because we have accumulated life experience, our view is open and balanced and should be respected as gospel, because we are so adept and clear-thinking. On the contrary, most of us unashamedly propagate this delusion, when we are more often bound by our conditioning; our biases and prejudices set in concrete. Somehow this accumulation of experience becomes reality and our view is not only justified, but as we believe, correct. But is it?

It is said that life is purely a learning experience. That may be so, but often as we grow into adulthood we can, by the nature of the process, unlearn as much as we have learned. Often, what slips blindly through our inefficient minds can ironically be the most important and basic of truths. Then, having overlooked this timely enlightenment, we face the cumulative results of a plethora of knee-jerk responses and defensive reactions. What we are left with at the end of this process is merely the remains of struggle; our jaded experiences having chipped away at our confidence, strength, charity and ultimately our humanity. If we are not careful, we can become not only bitter and negative, worse, we become capable of passing this cynicism on to our own children. Thus, the cycle continues... not a pleasant outcome. But life doesn’t have to be that way.

If we look back at the choices we have made, and the mistakes, one can see childhood and indeed life, in a far different light. The complexities of adult thinking and life can be blinding to the truth. The simple, most obvious, is often the most overlooked from an adult perspective. That is why children should never be underestimated in their capacity to see clearly the ostensible truth. What they see, by virtue of their inexperience, is unspoiled and unbiased; an opportunity only afforded the young.

The Scar

By Tony DeLorger © (10/08/06)

I recall the naivety of childhood as an old wound,

The sting of learned reality bringing back that blissful ignorance,

And mocking the very seed of what I was to become.

The white scar of that wonderful state a constant reminder

Of what the world and the people in it are capable of.

Had I the simplicity to realise my idyllic concept of life,

I would not bear this scar, not have found my frailties,

Nor discovered the ineptitude of men.

Perhaps I would have remained childlike, in a state of joyful abandon.

The scar exists not because of my childhood,

But because the world delivered an alternative reality,

One which to this day, I refute.


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