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The Best Nordic Crime Thriller writer: Jo Nesbø and his Oslo series with Detective Harry Hole.

Updated on April 10, 2016

Jo Nesbø

Jo Nesbø
Jo Nesbø | Source

Jo Nesbø

Jo Nesbø is the Norwegian author, musician, songwriter and economist who recently won the accolade of the new Stieg Larsson of Nordic crime writing. His first crime novel featuring Harry Hole was published in Norway in 1997 and was an instant hit, winning the Glass Key Award for best Nordic crime novel.

He has now sold 23 million copies of his works in 40 languages.

Paperback or kindle, get one now! Its the best crime series for years!

Harry Hole Series of Novels

Harry Hole
1. The Bat (2012)
2. Cockroaches (2013)
3. The Redbreast (2006)
4. Nemesis (2008)
5. The Devil's Star (2005)
6. The Redeemer (2009)
7. The Snowman (2010)
8. The Leopard (2010)
9. Phantom (2012)

10. Police (2013)

The Bat

The 1st novel in the series where Inspector Harry Hole of the Oslo Crime Squad is dispatched to Sydney, Australia to observe a murder case where the victim is a twenty-three year old Norwegian woman who is a B-celebrity back home. Harry befriends a lead detective, and forms a relationship with one of the witnesses, as they are all drawn deeper into the case. Together, they discover that this is only the latest in a string of unsolved murders... As events unfold not even the investigating team are safe.


The Norwegian ambassador to Thailand is found dead in a Bangkok brothel. Inspector Harry Hole is dispatched from Oslo to help hush up the case but discovers the seedy side to Pattaya & Bangkok with go-go bars, opium dens, and the inherent low-lifes that inhabit them.

He runs foul of gangsters, secret service investigators, Norwegian politicians, big-business men and of course women, not to mention the murderer! Evidence has been tampered with and Harry just cannot leave this case alone.

The Redbreast won the Glass Key prize for the best Nordic crime novel when published in 1998, it was later recognised as Norway’s best ever crime novel.

Plots within plots will lead you further into the world of Harry Hole as he investigates murders where a most unusual weapon is used and will possibly be used on a high level target very soon. This story spans events over half a century from some of Norway's darkest times to present.


A robber is caught on CCTV, shooting dead a cashier at a bank. He whispers in his victims ear before the fatal shot. Detective Harry Hole is called in to solve the crime quickly to save the department further embarrassment, but after dinner with an old flame wakes up with no memory of the past 12 hours. Said flame is found dead in mysterious circumstances and Harry receives emails threatening to expose his connection to the death. Who is trying to frame him for her death? As Harry fights to clear his name, the bank robberies continue with increased savagery.

The Devil's Star

Detective Harry Hole is assigned to this case reluctantly alongside his long-time adversary Tom Waaler. Harry's alcoholism is taking him closer to dismissal from the force but the unusual nature of the case drags him back into work. An unusual murder from a potential serial killer, Harry has to focus on the pattern that is developing before his eyes.

The Redeemer

At a Salvation Army Christmas concert in a square in Oslo, a Salvation Army soldier is shot by a man in the crowd. A press photographer has caught a suspect on one of the photos of the concert. The police identification expert, Beate Lønn, is confused by how the face can change from one photo to the next. Inspector Harry Hole’s search for the man takes place on the seedy side of the Oslo, but gunman has not yet completed his mission.

The Snowman

On the first day of snow, a child wakes up to find his mother has disappeared during the night. Outside, a snowman has appeared from nowhere. The killer plays a cat and mouse game with Hole. Who will kill whom first? What leverage will the killer need to be able to beat Harry in this game. Can Hole's astute observations steer him around the red herrings or right into the hands of the cold-as-ice killer.

The Leopard

One of this books characters says, "no one is as they seem, and most of life, apart from honest betrayal, is lies and deceit."

The is true for the many twists and changes through this novel which sees Harry in Hong Kong where he's retreated to wallow in guilt and misery and punish himself physically and mentally after the devastating events in "The Snowman."

However there's plenty of trouble brewing at home, with the police force itself and a series of bizarre murders for Hole to solve. Oslo need him back...

The Phantom

Oleg, the boy Harry helped raise, has been arrested for killing a man. Harry can't believe that Oleg is a murderer, so he returns to hunt down the real killer. The villains seem to be waiting for him as he returns from Hong Kong.Though off the Force he still manages to engage the help of his old friends and tangles with death on more than one occasion. Can he bring down the Oslo drugs baron and save Oleg or will events overtake him. Be ready for a tumultuous end to this novel that will have you clicking on 'buy' for the last instalment- Police.


Sorry, not letting you know anything about this one. If you read The Phantom, you'd know you need to read this final instalment of the Oslo Series. I have loved them all and am starting them again.

A friend bought me the first four books for my 40th birthday and i've been hooked ever since. It has been akin to enjoying the very best bits of Larsson's work mixed with a good old Wallender read.


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This novel by Nesbo is now a motion picture available on DVD.

Roger is Norway's most accomplished headhunter for major businesses. He lives a life of luxury well beyond his means, and steals art to subsidize his expensive lifestyle. When his beautiful gallery owner wife introduces him to a former mercenary in the possession of an extremely valuable painting, he decides to risk it all to get his hands on it,discovering its owner to be a headhunter of a different kind! Gruesome & gritty. Lots of brains & brawn in this one!

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