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Harry Potter: 25 Things the Movies Didn't Include

Updated on July 24, 2017

It may be impossible to find anyone in our part of the world who hasn't heard of Harry Potter, the famous children's fantasy series, which has been called the fastest selling series of books of all time and has made the author, J. K. Rowling the first person ever to become a billionaire by writing books. It might be equally hard to find a person who hasn't seen at least one of the movies, which have become one of the most popular movie franchises to date.

While the movies were excellent and certainly were worthy film-adaptions those who chose only to see the movies and not read the books missed out on a great many things. Luckily a list has been made of the best and most important things that the movies did not include.

1. Peeves the Poltergeist

Hogwarts, with moving staircases, ghosts, interactive paintings and a forest filled with magical beings naturally had to have a poltergeist as well. His name was peeves and he was a prankster, who brought trouble everywhere he went to both teachers and students. And let's not forget his funny lines and the fact that the caretaker, Mr. Filch had tried to get Dumbledore to kick him out for twenty-five years. The only ones whom Peeves respected were Dumbledore of course and the Bloody Baron, Slytherin's house ghost.

2. Hogwarts Had House Elves

Who do you think did all the cleaning around the castle? Filch? Hagrid? No it was the house elves. Hogwarts had a lot of house elves who cleaned the dormitories at night and spent the day in the kitchen where they prepared food for the students. Yes the food served in the great hall is made by house elves. The elves are also the ones who place the students' christmas presents at the foot of their bed so they are ready to open on christmas morning - oh wait that wasn't in the movies either but yes in the books the presents are found at the foot of the student's bed first thing in the morning.

And starting fourth year guess who eventually ended up working at Hogwarts? That's right, Dobby! He was also the one who showed Harry the room of requirement when Harry told him he needed a place to practice defense against the dark arts. Dobby was employed by Dumbledore and was granted both payment for his labor in the form of money and holidays. He spent his wages on yarn and knitted himself lots of socks and even presented Harry with a pair of quidditch-themed socks for christmas, which Harry actually wore to the yule ball.

Another house elf working at Hogwarts was Winky, formerly a servant of Bartemius Crouch but he let her go and she never got over it, hence she started drinking (no this is not a joke and did you know that house elves have a lower tolerance for butterbeer than people?) and she doesn't play a very big role after that.

3. Squibs

No that was not a typo, I meant to write that. Squib is an actual word in the wizarding world. Used maybe once or twice in the movies it has never been properly explained, as least the movies never explained it.

A squib is a term used to describe a person who is unable to practice magic although born into a wizarding family. Squibs are generally looked down upon by other wizards, especially by purebloods. Old pureblood families tended to be so ashamed of their squib relatives and they were hence disowned.

The only known squibs in the books are Argus Filch, the Hogwarts caretaker and Mrs. Figg, Harry´s old cat lady neighbor in Privet Drive.

4. The Story of Voldemort's Parents

During one of Harry´s lessons with Dumbledore they visit a memory involving Voldemort's parents. Voldemort's mother was as you already know after watching the second movie, a descendant from Salazar Slytherin, one of the four founders of Hogwarts and his father was a muggle.

No it wasn't a romantic affair between a pureblood witch and a handsome muggle, it was quite sad actually.

Voldemort's mother was a young woman named Merope Gaunt who lived in a filthy shack with her father and brother. Both of them were vicious muggle haters who thought themselves to be superior because of their ancestry. They lived right outside the village where the Riddle family lived and everyday when young Tom Riddle would drive by with his sweetheart Merope would admire him from the window. Merope finally managed to leave her abusive home environment when her father and brother were sent to Azkaban for the attack of a local muggle. She then tricked Tom Riddle into drinking a love potion and they ran off and got married. He left her after she got pregnant, most likely because she stopped giving him the potion and she gave birth to Tom Riddle Jr in an orphanage and died afterwards.

5. Harry and Cho Chang Went on a Date

And on Valentine's Day nonetheless. Though it didn't go very well.

They went to an extremely cheasy coffee place in Hogsmeade where Cho proceeded to talk about old times witch Cedric (the movies weren't too clear on that but Cho was his girlfriend before he died) and then she started crying and Harry didn't want to talk about Cedric and he had promised Hermione to meet her at The Three Broomsticks because it was important but Cho misunderstood him and thought he was dating other girls besides her and it went downhill from there and she leaves the shop.

Harry goes to meet Hermione who is accompanied by Luna Lovegood and Rita Skeeter and Hermione explains that she wants Rita to interview him so he can get his side of the story printed in the Quibbler, the magazine which her father runs. This was another thing that the movies left out. Harry proceeds to tell Rita about the night Voldemort returned and even lists her all the death eaters who attended. This of course leads to more detentions from Umbridge.

6. Harry and Ginny Were an Actual Couple

You remember the kiss Harry shared with Ginny in the room of requirement in Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince? Well that actually didn't happen. Oh yes they did kiss but not in the room of requirement and they had more than a few secret glances and brief moments than the movie leads us to believe.

Harry and Ginny's kiss was like the one Lavender Brown and Ron had in the movie. Gryffindor is celebrating another quidditch victory and Harry kisses her in front of the whole common room filled with students.

After that they become an official couple until Harry breaks up with her at the end of the year because he fears Voldemort will make her a target.

7. Harry Didn't Break the Elder Wand in Half

At the end of the last movie Harry breaks the elder wand in two and throws it away, and while it is true that Harry didn't keep the wand for himself this isn't how it happened.

Harry actually uses the elder wand to repair his own broken wand, which would not have been possible with an ordinary wand but thanks to the elder wand's enormous power it is possible.

After having successfully repaired his own wand the elder wand is placed back with its old master. In Dumbledore's tomb.

8. Cho was Not the One who Told on Dumbledore's Army

No, don't try to guess who it is because people who haven't read the books don't even know about this character's existence.

Her name is Marietta Edgecombe and she is a friend of Cho Chang's. She only joined the DA because Cho wanted her to. Her mother was a ministry worker hence she didn't like the idea of disobeying the ministry. She ended up telling Umbridge which as you know ended up getting Dumbledore sacked.

But she paid her price. Another thing the movies failed to mention was that Hermione had enchanted the parchment on which all the members signed their names. Marietta ended up having zits all over her face and no one seemed to be able to make them go away. She might have spent the rest of her days wearing heavy make-up.

9. The Marauders were All Animagi

Well except for Remus Lupin of course because he was already a werewolf but the rest of them, Sirius Black, Peter Pettigrew and James Potter were all animagi.

Now the movies do show Sirius as a dog and Peter as a rat but the movies never said anything about James. James Potter assumed the form of a stag when he transformed. That's right, Harry's Patronus is his father.

Now the reason they became animagi was for Remus's sake. A werewolf will harm himself when lonely and the only way for his friends to be there for him was to transform into animals because werewolves don't harm animals. Even the nicknames were a referance to their animal form.

10. Ron and Hermione were Named Prefects

And then Harry got jealous because everybody was busy congratulating his two best friends and he couldn't understand why Dumbledore hadn't given him the badge instead of Ron.

Draco Malfoy was named a prefect as well and of course he abused his powers.

11. Ron had a Tiny Owl Named Pigwidgeon

It was given to him by Sirius at the end of the third school year. Sirius found him and sent him off with a letter to Harry, which he receives on the train on his way home on holidays. Sirius writes in his letter that he wanted Ron to have the owl as he feels guilty for him losing his pet rat (which as you know turned out to be Peter Pettigrew/Wormtail disguised in his animagus form). Pigwidgeon is a very happy little owl whom the girls adore.

12. Sirius Left All of His Belongings To Harry After His Death

This included his house on Grimmauld place and Kreacher the house elf. Kreacher of course was reluctant to call Harry his master but he had no choice. Harry however didn't want any of Sirius's things and he ordered Kreacher to go to Hogwarts to work in the kitchens with the other house elves.

13. Kreacher's Sudden Change of Heart

After figuring out who R.A.B was, Harry gave the fake Slytherin locket to Kreacher. It had belonged to his old beloved master, Regulus and hence Kreacher greatly appreciated it. After that Kreacher went out of his way to make Harry comfortable and he did everything for Harry, Ron and Hermione during their brief stay at Grimmauld place.

14. S.P.E.W.

Hermione was very passionate about the welfare of house elves though no one else shared her views. No one else objected to the "enslavement of their kind" not even the elves themselves. During her fifth year she would knit clothes to lay out to the elves who would come to clean the Gryffindor common room at night. However Harry later found out that Dobby had kept all the clothing to himself and was the only one who came to clean the Gryffindor common room because the other elves refused because the clothing had offended them. Though of course Harry didn't have the heart to tell her. S.P.E.W. standing for Society for the Promotion of Elfish Welfare was an organization that Hermione funded in the hopes of helping the house elves.

15. Umbridge Sent the Dementors to Harry's Neigborhood

Before Umbridge attempts to use the cruciatus curse on Harry to get him to talk after she catches him in her office, she reveals that she was the one who sent the dementors to his neigborhood, because the ministry wanted to discredit him, though she did it without Cornelius Fudge knowing. This is a tiny piece of information that wouldn't have been too difficult to squeeze into the movie, and without it movie watchers are left wondering if Voldemort truly did send the dementors after Harry as Dumbledore suggested or if they were a couple of rogue dementors hunting innocent souls.

16. Teddy Lupin

Nymphadora Tonks married Remus Lupin and they had a son together. He was named Teddy after his grandfather and he inherited his mothers ability to change one's appearance at will. The term is called Metamorphmagus, something which wasn't explained in the movies either. Though Teddy is mentioned once when Harry speaks to Lupin's ghost via the resurrection stone, you won't have a clue what he's talking about if you haven't read the books. Harry was named godfather of Teddy and he came for dinner about once a week after the war. And he ended up dating the oldest daughter of Bill Weasley and Fleur Delacour, Victoire Weasley.

17. Neville's Parents were Tortured into Insanity

After Voldemort's disappearance Bellatrix Lestrange, accompanied by her husband Rodolphus, his brother Rabastan and Barty Crouch Jr, went to the Longbottoms and tortured them for information, using the cruciatus curse. They never recovered from it and ended up spending probably the rest of their days at St. Mungos hospital.

18. Dudley Made Up with Harry

If you have the dvd you might have watched the exchange between Harry and dudley among the deleted scenes. Dudley tells Harry that he doesn't think he's a waste of space, which coming from someone like Dudley is huge. It is suggested and later confirmed by J. K. Rowling that the dementor attack in "Order Of The Phoenix" made Dudley realize what a bad person he was and after that he tried to make up for it. The summer vacation between fifth and sixth year isn't described so we don't know how it went but in the seventh book Dudley shows kindness by offering Harry a cup of tea, which is placed outside his bedroom door. This Harry first suspects to be a trap but later realizes was a peace offering. J. K. Rowling has revealed that Harry and Dudley were on christmas card duties for the rest of their lives and that they would occasionally meet up so their children could meet.

19. Ginny was a Badass

The role of Ginny Weasley was severely downplayed in the movies. She had little to no screen time in the first few movies not counting her slightly important role in "The Chamber Of Secrets" and in the later movies she was only shown as a love interest for Harry. Ginny was much more than that. She was a fierce as her mother and talked back to her brothers and got into a heated argument with Ron in "Half-Blood Prince" when he caught her making out with her boyfriend Dean Thomas. During "Deathly Hallows" she, along with Neville and Luna rebelled against the death eaters who had taken over Hogwarts, which eventually sent them into hiding. Not to mention her skills with her infamous bat-bogey hex, which she didn't hesitate to use on anyone who annoyed her. It was this hex, which earned her a spot in the slug club.

20. Voldemort Jinxed the Defence Against the Dark Arts Position

During another one of his lessons with Dumbledore, Harry enters an old memory of Dumbledore's in which Voldemort himself comes to Hogwarts to apply for the position of professor in defense against the dark arts. Naturally Dumbledore does not give him the position. Voldemort put a jinx on the position so it would be impossible to keep the same teacher for more than a year. That is why Quirrel died, Lockhart lost his memory, which he still hasn't regained by the way, Lupin resigned, and Moody turned out to be an impostor. And of course Umbridge was fired and Snape was made headmaster after holding the position for one year.

21. Sirius's Nickname was Snuffles

In the movies we hear Harry addressing Sirius as Padfoot in his letters to him but that is not how Harry addressed him in the books. Padfoot was Sirius's marauder nickname but he asked Harry, Ron and Hermione to call him by another one, Snuffles. He wanted them to refer to him as Snuffles whenever they spoke of him because referring to him as Sirius would be too dangerous. Sirius also offered to accompany Harry to the ministry as Snuffles.

22. Rita Skeeter was an Unregistered Animagus

She could take the form of a beetle, which was how she was able to sneak around Hogwarts and listen in on people's private conversations after Dumbledore had banned her from the school grounds after her first few articles. She printed an article in the witches magazine Witch Weekly about Hermione and her supposed love triangle (including Harry and Victor Krum), she included private details about Hermione and Krum, as she had been sitting in Hermione's hair during a conversation with him. Hermione discovers Rita's secret and traps her in a jar and releases her and promises to keep her secret on the condition that Rita doesn't print any stories for a year. In the wizarding world one has to inform the ministry if one wants to become an animagus and one has to inform them of any distinguishing features one might have in animal form. McGonagall can take the form of a cat but she is the only registered animagus mentioned in the books.

23. Firenze the Centaur Taught Divination

One thing that thankfully was not left out of the movies was Umbridge sacking Trelawney. Thanks to Dumbledore she was allowed to remain at Hogwarts, although she could no longer teach. Dumbledore quickly found a replacement for her. Firenze the centaur, the one whom we see saving Harry in the forbidden forest in the first movie. Centaurs can read the stars and hence Firenze was perfect for the position and the female students (excluding Hermione) adored him. After Umbridge left Hogwarts the divination classes were split between Trelawney and Firenze because both of them had nowhere else to go. Trelawney was the one who made the prophecy about Harry and Voldemort, hence she'd be targeted by death eaters if she left Hogwarts. And Firenze was banished from the forbidden forest by his herd because he chose to help Dumbledore and become a teacher. J. K. Rowling has revealed that he was welcomed back by his herd after the war with Voldemort was over, though.

24. Harry had to Disguise Himself for Bill and Fleur's Wedding

In the movie he attends the wedding as himself but in the book it was thought safer for Harry to disguise himself as a Weasley cousin. He was therefore given polyjuice potion with hairs from a local muggle to make him look like a Weasley and he went to the wedding under the cover identity of Barney Weasley.

25. Harry Gave His Prize Money to Fred and George

The prize for winning the triwizard tournament was not only eternal glory but also a thousand galleons. Harry won the tournament but didn't want the money. He tried to offer it to Cedric Diggory's parents because he wanted them to accept the money on Cedric's behalf because he felt that he was more deserving of it, however they refused. He tried to offer it to Mrs. Weasley but she wouldn't accept it either. Right before getting off the Hogwarts Express at the end of the school year Harry offered the money to the twins to help them realize their dream of opening a joke shop. They tried to refuse but Harry wouldn't take no for an answer and threatened to hex them if they didn't take it. He also made them promise to buy Ron a new set of dress robes.

Go to this link and buy all the seven books yourself and you'll get to read about all the things mentioned in this article and much more, which will give you a much better understanding of Harry and his friends. You won't regret it.


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    • Wavie profile imageAUTHOR


      3 years ago

      UPDATE: It seems that it was not recommendable to write another article so similar to the one I had already written so I decided to just expand this one and added 10 more things. I might include more later on.

    • Wavie profile imageAUTHOR


      3 years ago

      I agree. I'm planning on doing another article with more of these but this one was getting very long so I decided to cut it here.

    • Jeannieinabottle profile image

      Jeannie InABottle 

      3 years ago from Baltimore, MD

      I was kind of sad there was no real mention of Pigwidgeon the Owl in the movies. I do believe they showed a small owl flying with mail a time or two for Ron, but they never really went further into it. I loved that owl and wished they'd shown how adorable it was throughout the books. I also think the movies seriously downplayed Percy, but I guess there was not enough time for all that in the movies.


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