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Harry Potter Wand - Where to Find Harry Potter Wands and Display Cases

Updated on September 1, 2011

As most Harry Potter fans are aware, a wizard's wand is one of their most important possessions.

A wizard that has the wrong wand, can cause a lot of havoc indeed!

In almost all cases the wand chooses the wizard instead of the other way around. A wand chooses its owner based on how its character matches up with the character of the wizard.

Mr. Ollivander who owns and runs Ollivander's Wand Shop is well aware of the damage that can be caused by a mismatched wizard and wand because his store is usually the one to suffer when the two do not mix well.

Luckily there are tons of Harry Potter Wands available for fans to choose from when purchasing their own wands as well.

There are less expensive wands that are perfect for younger Harry fans to play around with. These less expensive versions are also perfect to help complete any Harry Potter costume.

There are also slightly more expensive wands and display cases for the more serious of Harry Potter collectors.

These collectible Harry Potter wands are also great when decorating a room in Harry Potter decor because of the authentic look and feel they will bring to the room.

Harry Potter Wand with Light and Sounds

This is one of the less expensive versions of a Harry Potter wand.

Perfect for both younger fans or to enhance a costume, this great-looking wand comes with both lights and three magical movie sounds.

This is an officially licensed wand and not intended for children under three years of age.

Harry Potter Wand and Glasses Set

Here is another great inexpensive wand that is perfect for any costume or young fan.

While this wand does not make noises (which could actually be a relief to some adults) it does include a pair of Harry Potter glasses that will complete the perfect Harry Potter costume or bring excitement to a little fan who wants to look just like Harry!

Another great idea for this item is to give it out at a Harry Potter themed birthday party for guests to enjoy during the party or to take home as a party favor.

Harry Potter Illuminating Wand

This wand is perfect for older Harry Potter fans, Harry Potter collectors or the perfect addition to a room with Harry Potter decor.

It is a recreation of the famous wand from the books and movies and has a working light!

When you wave the wand the light goes on -- when you wave it again it turns off!

It measures 14 inches in length and has gotten great reviews by Amazon customers.

Some even claim they use it as a flash light!

This Harry Potter wand is from The Noble Collection and is approved and authorized by Warner Bros.

Dumbledore Wand and Hermione Wands

Here are two more collectible Harry Potter wands that are perfect for older fans, collectors or even Dumbledore and Hermione fans!

Both of these wands are also made by The Noble Collection and fans are raving about their authenticity.

These wands measure about 14" each and both come with their own Ollivander Wand Shop collector's box.

Due to their craftsmanship, it might be better to keep these wands away from the little ones but older fans can't say enough good things about them.

Both of these wands are approved and authorized by Warner Brothers.

Harry Potter Wand Display Cases

ow that you have found your perfect Harry Potter Wand, you will need some place to keep and display them.

The next two items are Harry Potter Wand Display cases made specifically for that reason.

These cases look great in any room decorated in Harry Potter or Hogwart's decor. These would also look great displayed on shelves or walls of family rooms or even offices due to their authentic flair.

This first wand display case measures approximately 11" x 12" and holds one Harry Potter wand (not included).

The second display case however is for the true die-hard Harry Potter fan. This display case not only includes 4 Harry Potter Triwizard champion wands but a cover to keep them safe as well. It measures approximately 17 inches in height and would look great displayed on any shelf, dresser or wall/


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    • Paradise7 profile image

      Paradise7 6 years ago from Upstate New York

      Good product review hub, I hope you get some hits. I love Harry Potter, like the rest of the world!