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I'm a HUFFLEPUFF?!: Why Hufflepuff is the Best House

Updated on September 1, 2017

Well...Hufflepuffens Are Kind!

No doubt about it: Hufflepuffens are the nicest House out there. They are sweet, accepting, and have a green thumb. Granted, I do not have a green thumb. But, it's nice to know that kind Hufflepuffens will be there to help me with Herbology!

But, Wait... Hufflepuffens Aren't All That Bright!

Bright?! How can you explain ME being in Hufflepuff? They are as smart as some Ravenclaws. And Tonks, one of the smartest Auors out there, is in Hufflepuff! Explain that!

Many Well Known Wizards Come From Hufflepuff!

Yeah, we all know that Prof. Sprout, Tonks, and Cedric were apart of Hufflepuff. But what about Newt Scamander? Yeah, he should've been a RavenClaw. But, Hufflepuffens are known for their kindness to plants and animals. That's where Newt fits in.

And here's a list of famous witches and wizards of Hufflepuff, as said by Pottermore:

Helga Hufflepuff
Bridget Wenlock

Newt Scamande

Pomona Sprout

It Has Produced the Least Amount of Dark Witches and Wizards

...Then again. My wand is most subjected to dark magic (elm with dragonheart string). But, would you expect Cedric to join the Death Eaters (he does in Cursed Child but Potter fixed that).

Hufflepuffens Are Right Beside the Kitchens!

That means food and wild parties.

Hufflepuff Is a Great House Overall!

SO, it's near the kitchens, it has the most glorious sunspots in the whole castle, and it is the kindest house. J.K says it's her favorite! If the queen herself loves it, why can't we? You can find many articles on Hufflepuff on Are you a Hufflepuffen? Tell us!


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