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Harshness scolds

Updated on November 30, 2013

Harshness scolds the soul
it's a broken old song
it's away to beat someone down
it always leaves discouragement
has nothing to do with raising good men.

Breaking a heart
someone will always die
casualities fall
it's a weakness
Toughen up, your a victim don't you know.

Keep the mind secluded
keep them on the track of
pain and suffering
judge them for being human
punish them for existing
it's ashame they have the
right to breathe.

Criticism it leaves a trail
of black smoke
Wear a gas mask if you
want to breathe
wear your silver armor
pull out the sword
slash away the fault finder
that wants to break your back.

Pull out the notepad
records of all the sins
the failures from ten years back
it's a fact you need to be
reminded for the rest of your life.

Stand under the iron fist
you are not worthy
you don't deserve any dignity or respect
Its a mad world outside
some will never make things right
for the lies they've always told.

It's tough love the say
blocking the train tracks
so you can never make it back.
You'll never get any slack
Tough yes
Love no
it's warden hoping you pay
for the crime.
Placed on trial
forget all the evidence
straight to jail
we rather believe
all the lies and deceptions
that have been told.

These are the truths
we rather hold.
It's the soul that becomes sold.


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