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The Wheels Go Round (Harvest Moon)

Updated on September 6, 2014

A short story by llscotty

It was a crisp chilly evening and I had stolen a night away from my classes to take a ride on the trolley. I was enamoured with the driver and I loved these evenings when I would steal away and just ride the trolley. I would sit in the closest seat to the driver and daydream how wonderful it would be to be to be his girl. He was pleasant enough and always seemed to have time to chatter with me when I would ride out to the end of the line and back again into the city.

I guess I wasn't fooling anyone but myself that he didn't know that I had a crush on him but he never seemed to mind that I paid a double fare and just rode and talked. He was always attentive to whatever subject was on my mind at the time.

This evening seemed so much different though. we were coming up out of the city on a long uphill street when all of a sudden the most beautiful sight I have ever seen glowed in the night sky. The moon spread from east to west or north to south, whatever the direction across the entire sky. It seemed to be touching the building tops and glowed the most beautiful shade of orange that matched the seasonal Halloween coloring.

The sight of that moon took my breath away and for the rest of the ride all I could think about was the wondrous beauty to which I had been a witness. I spent the rest of the evening in meditative silence and left my trolley ride knowing that I would return another day to continue my flirting with the handsome driver.

© 2011 Laura L Scotty


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