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Harvested moon

Updated on September 30, 2012

Soon... Soon you will be boiling in my pot and your flesh I will consume,

corny candy like zombies in costume,

A dinner treat all complete, yes lets resume,

preparing seeds for next year, growth I will assume...

One from many... I hope there's enough room,

for this plant to patch and heal... You know whom,

wizard watches over, high atop on his broom,

sweeping while your sleeping rising again early in June,

knee high by 4 July, don't bee a buffoon,

you no this is know lie, so lets get ready and next spring give it a try... Don't end up marooned,

on a desert isle for a long, long while with only Gilligan's lonely lost smile... A king without a crown, Matisyahu

listen you...

Water soul...

and place shade on me...

Living free...

From seed...

Open your eyes and see...

Children of the korn, you and me,

farming our family's future from moon to sun and everything in between


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