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Football Season Arrived and I Can't Find My Husband Anywhere.

Updated on November 10, 2014

I might be going crazy but I think I misplaced my husband or he may have wandered off and gotten lost. I'm pretty sure it has to do with the news that we heard on the television. You see, not long ago there was an announcement that something called football season was starting. I didn't think much about this news at the time but apparently it meant something to my husband. He got very excited about this "football." Shortly after the announcement, he got involved with some other men who were involved in something to do with it called "fantasy football." Now I'm not sure what that is but I imagine it's like live action role playing. You know, like the people who love Lord of the Rings so much that they dress up like the characters and recreate scenes from the movies. Whatever it is, he seemed very occupied in thought for weeks after joining this new group. He even disappeared for an entire afternoon to go meet with these new friends. I don't know what happened at this meeting but he came home excited. I think he's getting to dress up and role play the characters that he wanted. Not sure but he kept talking about getting really good "picks."

He had been antsy in his behaviors for weeks. He kept looking at the calendar and changing the channel to search for news to prepare himself for football season. All he wanted to talk about were these men who I knew nothing about. Then one day, a Thursday I believe, he suddenly stood up, smiled really big, and said "It is time" in his best Rafiki, Lion King impersonation (video to the right for reference) and then he disappeared into the depths of the back of the house. Now, personally I don't understand what all the excitement it about. Grown men kicking around a white and black ball...Oh, wait sorry...Grown men fighting over a brown ball that they hold while they run. All I know is that once he disappeared into the darkness of the hallway, all was quiet in the house for short time.


I also noticed that I seemed to have misplaced a case of beer and chicken wings. I know we bought some at the store earlier this week. I left and went to work but when I got home the beer and chicken were nowhere to be seen. I wonder if they are with my poor missing husband?I thought I heard someone yelling "RUN, RUN, Get the Ball" in the back of the house but I could be wrong. It could have been my imagination.

If anyone sees my husband please let me know. I'm sure he's just somewhere in the house but if anyone sees him dressed as one of these football players role playing around town or glued to a TV at a sports bar feel free to send him home to his wife. I miss him but I have a feeling I will be searching for him for many months until something called the "Super Bowl."


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