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Haunted Movie Sets

Updated on July 31, 2013

by Christine B.

Hollywood loves to spit out scary movies on a yearly basis. They seem to bring big box office returns. But while they are creating these horror movies is it possible that in the process they inadvertently open up portals to negative energy? Considering some of the problems the actors and crew have experienced while making some of these movies, it is not only possible, but very probable.

Here is a list of some of the movie sets that have experienced unexplained events during and/or after filming.

The Exorcism of Emily Rose—The actress who played the leading role in this film, Jennifer Carpenter, reported that she would be awakened in the middle of the night by her radio playing the same song over and over again, “I’m Still Alive” while she was working on the movie.

Three Men & A Baby—This spirit does not seem to be negative, but more inquisitive. The young boy was not seen during filming or editing, but he showed after the film was released and no one can account for his presence. No one on the crew knew of a young stow-a-way on the set and he was not related to anyone who was working on the picture. The film was shot entirely in Toronto on a sound stage, and not in a residential home as some rumors on the internet proclaim. The studio’s explanation for the boy is that it is a life-size cardboard cut-out of Ted Danson wearing a tux and a top hat, but the figure does not look life sized to me! And where’s the top hat? Prop people being as particular as they are would never set up a life-sized cut-out near a window in a set while they were shooting a scene… it was bound to have been noticed by someone while they were filming!

The Omen—This movie was one of the scariest of its time and it has been considered the most cursed by unexplained phenomena. It’s Executive Producer, Mace Neufeld, and one of the star actors, Gregory Peck, experienced their planes being hit by lightning on separate flights on their way to England to start filming the movie. One of the animal handlers working on the movie was attacked and killed by a lion during filming. One of the sets was also bombed by the IRA during production and a restaurant where many of the crew and actors were scheduled to have dinner was also bombed before they arrived. The most unnerving event was that one of the special effects artists that worked on the movie was in a car crash where the passenger in his car was decapitated in the same manner as one of the movie’s characters. The most tragic event associated with the movie occurred two weeks before filming began. Gregory Peck’s son committed suicide. Naturally Mr. Peck was despondent during filming. A flight on a plane some of the crew was to use to fly to a location for shooting was cancelled at the last minute. This turned out to be a good thing however, since the next flight that plane took crashed and killed everyone on board.

The Exorcist—The first bad “omen” that occurred with regard to the production of this movie happened before the filming even began! A mysterious fire destroyed the MacNeil residence set and it all had to be completely rebuilt before they could start filming. It took six weeks to complete. After that the producers brought in a real priest to bless the location several times, just to be safe. Jack MacGowran, an actor in the movie, passed away from complications of the flu and eight other deaths of cast and crew member occurred shortly after the film was released.

Poltergeist—Over the six years it took to film and release the three Poltergeist movies four of the principal actors died, one of them being, Heather O’Rourke, the child actress in the original movie. Heather died of cardiac and septic shock at the age of 12 four months before the release of Poltergeist III. Another actor, Will Sampson, who was also a Native American Shaman, died a year after he blessed the movie set. The sets were also haunted by unexplained activity throughout filming of all three movies. Some believe the problems stemmed from the fact that the producers used real human bones as props in two of the movies.

Some of the deaths surrounding these movies could be due to natural causes. However, it seems strange that horror movies seem to have more unexplained phenomena surrounding them than other movies do, (with the exception of Three Men and a Baby, which was a completely different type of horror movie than we all are accustomed to). The series of catastrophic events surrounding The Omen were enough to spook both Lee Remic and Gregory Peck, who were seasoned actors accustomed to things going wrong on movie sets.


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