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Have I right to see dream

Updated on November 8, 2014


I want to see a dream for my nation

I want and wish to see

A Pakistani dream

The dream of progress

And prosperity

In my beloved country

Therein it everybody

Proud would be and free

to think act and on spree

Uninterrupted by foreign lands

And the hired inner bands

Everybody would see with me

The Pakistani dream

power of character

The rulers will see eye to eye

No ‘I’ would be able to defy

With every power what it be

Apologetic we not be

Over our religion

And ethnicity

I want and wish to see a dream

Of such Pakistan

Which will be free from

Threats and poverty

Religion would be uniting force

Sects would be love like course


MY dream

But perhaps I cannot see

Because of famous banality

The world’s so called democrats

And along with congrats

Including my own men

Would not let me to see

The Pakistani Dream


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