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Have a great halloween

Updated on October 27, 2011

Have a great Halloween

As kids dress up in their costumes. As parents get ready to had out candy,the kids head out. Going to every door,trying to get the ultimate prize. A kingsize candy bar. I mean isn't that every kids dream. To go up to a door,and get that huge score. As a kid you remember toothpaste and floss. And trick or treat,actually meant something. But these days you really don't see the trick,just the treat. Man traditions have changed. Halloween costumes also changed,they more horrifying.I remember dressing up as a fireman or a police officer,but now you got these zombie outfits,killer clowns,scream,i mean what don't they have. I remember this year going into wal-mart,and my bro in law put on a mask,and made my nephew cry. but everyone thats going out there,and going trick or treating,whether dressing up scary,or dressing up cute,have a safe Halloween everyone.


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