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Have mercy on us.

Updated on October 22, 2012

You are all the same,

licking the dirts off the boots

And wallowing in the puddle of the shame

leaving one true love behind on bed of nails to inflame

You are all the same,

Shame on you for running with scissors

cutting hearts in halves

and hanging them up on the ceiling like mistletoes

You are all the same,

Keen on the cracking whips

and making every man in awe

drooling like fools over your curves .

When there is a thought to pull you down

you float upon the stream so smartly.

You are all the same,

We wish if we had more to say

cause we are tired of being trampled by stilettoes

and thrown in a loop.

Have mercy on us,

We are weakling souls

not wolves in sheeps clothes

we are in Laurel leaves

begging you to listen to our cases

and sealed the suit as victims of such circumstances.

Sometimes we get bulges and go asunder

But all the time we return to where we belong

Don t judge us,

we are not perfect

so are you !.

We`ve never claimed to be holy saints

or fallen angels

We are made of clot

dragged to the mud.


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