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Have you had a Mircle in your life...Why not share it.....

Updated on February 26, 2013

Miracles happen in everyday lives of people. God performs miracles when we ask for them and they happen......There are endless miracles, some people believe in them and some don’t.  But l must state that l believe in miracles.

Here are a few miracles that happened in my life.

My younger sister (who had years and years of Alcohol abuse) was beyond listening to us...

It finally took its toll on her body....and her liver started to play havoc. Some of her Alcoholic friend found her unconscious state and got her to the hospital on time.

When something goes seriously wrong and one of your organs are not working is like the central heating system in our house...when that plays up and the whole system does not work properly... her stomach doubled its size and water started to build up around her body..And soon in her lungs....She was lying on her death bed......

In fact...within the next few days.....we had a call from the doctors who called in all our family that she had gone unconscious and would not survive. Our only last hopes were prayers for her...and she pulled through...but was still not out of the woods yet.....

They told us that things were not bright....that her body was trying to shut off...her kidneys were failing.....All our hopes were in God's hand.....

It used to break our hearts to leave her in hospital on her took a tape in and used to leave pray tapes for her to listen....

I would take baby oil in the hospital and message her back and head for hours whilst listening to prayers....l would message her feet for all her top layer of skin on her feet were peeling off.....l had to stomach and cut that off for her.....

She too weak to get out of bed and had to wear a nappy and tubes to pass urine.

One day after work...l wanted to catch up with the doctors...when l got to the hospital her room was full of about 10 doctors...and l was told to wait outside. I could hear her call out....'Can l have some water please'....The doctor came out and gave me some more bad news....

'Sorry, we cannot do anymore for her; you just have to pray for her’ he said.

'Can you not give her another liver’? l inquired...

l was told that as she had liver cirrhosis and that Alcoholic were at the bottom of the list

as they abuse their own liver and even if she was to have would be too risky for her.

But we did not give up on our prayers.....we prayed for mircles...

She found the message comforting and healing....and listening to the prayers comforting.....

She was in a semi sort of a state....but day when we went in to see her....she said that she saw someone dressed in white and was praying.......we believe that she had been to heaven and back.....and that this was her own personnel experience.

There was water on her lungs and she was not eating at all....

Next they had to drain the water of her lungs.....a big tube had to go in the back to drain it....

About 2 pints of fluid was drained from her lungs during the day and another 2 pints during the

night....and she had to sleep on her side because of the tubes....

She was give a water bed for lying in hospital for over 2 months......Then she also caught MRSA our worst fear for her....but they were not so worried about the MRSA but her condition.

Water was also in her stomach.....Doctors would come in and try to put a long needle in her stomach......They did their job and we continued our prayers day and night.

Day by day her condition gradually started to improve and finally she was able to go home....

This is my proof of when we asked for Miracle and our Dear Lord God listened to our prayer....and we thank him a million times.......


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    • rexy profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago

      Thank you for sharing your mircle with us...cannot imagine what would have happened to you.....God certainly look after you...

    • Dave Mathews profile image

      Dave Mathews 

      8 years ago from NORTH YORK,ONTARIO,CANADA

      The fact that I am still alive today is a total miracle.

      I was taking a bath one day.

      I reached and grabbed hold of my electric hairdryer and turned it on. As I started to set it down on the toilet next to the bath, I banged my hand accidentally and the hairdryer, slipped out of my hand and fell into the bath water.

      I should have been killed, but instead all I felt was a tingling all over my body, until I could again pick up the hairdryer from the water and shut it off.

      After getting out of the bath, and dressing, I went to my doctor's office across the street. I told him what happened. He examined me and told me that it was a miracle I was still alive, that that experience would have killed the average man.

      Brother Dave.


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